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What kind of bath towels do you have for your 3-5 year old?

I would like to get DD some new "big girl" bath towels, but I don't know where to find any.  She still uses all of her baby bath towels and wash clothes.  What do you have for LO and where can I find some?


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Re: What kind of bath towels do you have for your 3-5 year old?

  • My guys actually like using their "bath jackets" which are actually just terry cloth robes.  DH and I are not robe people so we are surprised they like these so much. We got them as gifts.

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  • We have always used regular bath towels.  I guess you could buy her a set of towels and washcloths in a color of her choice.
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  • I just use the same towels we use.
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  • I have two hooded "kid" sized towels from Target.  There's a blue and orange "monster" one and a pink and white "butterfly" one - she picks which one she wants.  I still use all the wash clothes from when she was a baby.

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  • DS uses regular towels that we already had.
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    They mainly use the same towels we use.  My older DD got a animal hoodie towel for her birthday on eyear that she will occasionally wrap up in.  It was purchased at Kohls.  I've seen ones similiar at Target and Pottery Barn kids.

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  • I have some bigger hooded towels that my girls love.  When they outgrow these, we are just moving to the regular bath towels that we have.  When we got married, we registered for 2 nice sets - one for our master bath and one for the guest/kids bath.  We will just have the kids use those towels.  When my parents stay with us, they tend to use the bath in the basement and we just have some older towels down there that we had before we got married - nice but not new or as nice as the stuff upstairs.
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  • We just use the same towels.  We do have one hooded towel thing that neither of my boys likes, two Thomas towels someone else bought that are worthless quality and won't absorb water and another set that is blue with a small decorated area.

    Would she be excited just picking out some nice towels in a special color?  That would probably be my choice as opposed to children prints since those seem to be crappy quality.

  • We have 3 hooded towels from Kohl's, I've also seen them at Costco.
  • we have a ton of hooded towels that we use. (from kohl's and target.)
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    we have a ton of hooded towels that we use. (from kohl's and target.)

    Sorry to hijack the post but OMG pea-Kay, you have outdone yourself with that photo. Love!! 

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    we have a ton of hooded towels that we use. (from kohl's and target.)

    Us too... 

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  • He still uses "baby" washcloths but now uses regular towels. He'll sometimes use his robe but it's not the norm.
  • PeskyPesky member
    I just picked up some regular bath towels at Target.  The kids love them.

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  • I bought a bunch back in August of last year when they put out all their stuff for college kids move in time. They are the RE brand at target. I think they were like $2 a towel and a 6 pack of matching wash clothes for less than $5. They are not really big and bulky. They are on the thinner side, which I like for the kids because I can easily move them around to get all the chubby baby parts dry (neck area, between thigh area). I figured I would have to replace them after 6 months since they were so cheap, but they are still holding up. Some are starting to have thin spots from wash and wear but I have been surprised. I am hoping to make it through the summer and then I will replace them in August again with the same thing when they put them all on sale. I don't plan on getting them a really nice towel set until they are older and we re-do their bathroom, in about 2 years.
  • I bought the kids towels that match our towels.
  • To go along with what everybody else has said so far...we either use our towels, or LO has some that she has picked out along the way from Target. Usually Mickey Mouse, or some of the Disney beach towels.
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