Is it just me, or does the Baby K'Tan for twins look like BS? — The Bump

Is it just me, or does the Baby K'Tan for twins look like BS?

I'm trying to find a good carrier for my soon-to-be-born twins (three days from now), and I came across this crazy contraption.  It says that it works for twin babies up to 10 lbs each, so it would be useful if only for a little while.  But then I watched this video of the lady putting her babies in the K'Tan, and it looks like a bunch of crap to me.  I want to see her put REAL babies in there without any help...not stiff little baby dolls that someone hands to her from off-screen. 

Has anybody used this thing?  Is it a joke or does it really work? 



Re: Is it just me, or does the Baby K'Tan for twins look like BS?

  • Tried it once and felt like a jackass. I'mve only ever worn one baby at a time since.
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  • I needed help to get them both in, which defeated the purpose of having it if someone else was there to hold a screaming baby! 

     It was also really uncomfortable, and the babies were only about 7lb each when I tried it.  

    Loved it for holding one baby though.

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  • I wore both babies in a moby twice.  They technically fit, and it wasn't uncomfortable, but one got fussy, and that screwed up the whole thing (you have to get them in and out in a certain order.  It was easier to wear an ergo and then carry the second baby.
  • As nice as it would be in theory, I can't imagine wearing both babies.  I just have single carriers, including the K'Tan, which I like fine.
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  • The baby wearer dot com has a sub forum for wearing more than one baby. Generally involves one on your back and one one your front.  The ktan is really just a stretchy wrap so it will have weight limitations and because you don't tie it you can't pretie so that one baby is secure while you load the second. So I'm going to say its probably not that useful. 
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  • I had a Moby and an Ergo. Never tried the twin hold in the Moby; just didn't like the idea. Seemed like it would be easier to wear one and hold the other since you'd often need to use your hands to stabilize them anyway. When they were bigger, I did sometimes wear a Moby on the front and Ergo on the back.
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  • we absolutely love our k'tan, though never used it for twins. but i do have a friend who used it with her twins successfully - its exactly how you would do it in a moby. but the main use for any carrier is really going to be one baby at a time.

  • I did it once. They were still tiny and weren't in there for long.

    You probably won't be putting two babies into a carrier or sling, to be honest. They get heavy really fast. I will sometimes put one of them in the Ergo, if she is being super fussy (but that was usually only in the earlier months).  

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