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XP-how many swimsuits?

If you are going for a week at the beach or a week at someplace with a waterpark, how many swimsuits do you pack for LO? Trying to decide whether I am being wacky on the suit issue.
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Re: XP-how many swimsuits?

  • For our beach vacation last summer, I think I brought 3-4 for each of my girls.  I figured we would swim 2x a day and the girls would take off the suit for lunch and then put a clean/dry one on after rest time for the afternoon.  I was with my family and we washed suits/towels each night so I could have gotten away with 2 each but I felt better having some extras just in case I didn't get to laundry or they got dirty and we changed more often.  They don't take up much room so it wasn't a big deal.  I brought 2 or 3 for me - I can't stand putting on a wet, cold swimsuit.
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  • imageI Heart The 80s:
    We are heading to the beach this summer. I will pack 2 suits. I figure one they can wear, while the other is wet/or being washed. We'll have washer/dryer in the condo so that helps. I agree with PP; putting on a cold, wet swimsuit is the worst.


    Ditto the two swimsuit suggestion. Even without a washer and dryer, we've never had an issue with a suit not drying off by the next day. Perhaps boy's trunks and rash guards dry faster than girl suits. 

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  • We are going on a beach vacation soon and I'll probably bring 4 swimsuits for each kid.  I know that's overboard, but I have a shopping problem when it comes to cute swimsuits.  On past vacations I've brought 2-3 swimsuits and that worked out well. 
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  • Nothing sucks more than having to put on a swimsuit with sand in it!  I brought one per day when we went last year (we have lots).  We had access to a washing machine but I didn't get to laundry but once...

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  • I pack 2 swim suits.
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  • Each summer, DD ends up w/ at least 5 or 6 swimsuits, so I just pack them all.  If we are only going somewhere for a weekend/few days, I pack 2 or 3. 

    I normally have about 4 or 5 swimsuits each season too.

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  • Even now that my kids are older, when we go to the beach for 2 weeks in the summer, my kids each have 3 bathing suits.  Three suits allows for this scenario:  

    Suit #1 for morning beach time, change into dry clothes for lunch so you don't drip everywhere, put on suit #2 (which is dry) for afternoon beach time, and one extra in case yesterday's suits didn't get dry or it rained overnight, or in case you have a "wardrobe emergency" or something, it doesn't require an immediate trip to the store for a replacement suit.


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  • I buy my boys each two swimsuits for summer and that' always been enough for us.  They're small enough they dry and usually wear the same one constantly but we've never had a problem with only having two.
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