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XP: Anyone not like their Ergo?

I have a Moby and I love it. I tried using the Ergo today and I don't really like it. I feel like it's very bulky and I can't sit while wearing it. It's supposed to be so comfortable and I just didn't feel like it was at all. Any tips or am I just not a structured carrier person?
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Re: XP: Anyone not like their Ergo?

  • I never wore it as low as they suggested, so sitting was a little easier. Plus, as I was sitting, I would tuck the fat front waist part up and under the baby (between me and baby), so it wouldn't be in the way (especially good for when you have to pee while wearing it)

    I can see how it would feel bulky with a tiny one, but as baby gets bigger, it might feel less bulky just because it's more full of kid. The comfort of it really comes from making the weight feel like less.

    But it could be it's just not a good fit for you, especially if you are short through the torso.

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  • Yep, we had one and didn't like it. I think the Beco Butterfly fits better. DH likes it better, too.
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  • I've known a couple people that didn't like it. Mostly petite women - which is not me. It fits me great and I've liked it since I started using it around 3 months. I can definitely sit in it (although DS doesn't really like it when I'm still).
  • It took about a week before I fell in love with it. When I got it home, I was like "I spent my money on THIS???!!" I did feel there was a learning curve in getting it comfortable/fully adjusted for my body.

    I sit wearing it all the time-as a pp mentioned I find it more comfortable higher than recommended (I have a really long torso) so you might want to try to adjust it a bit differently.

    Your LO is still really young as well-it might oddly be more comfortable with a larger baby. I've known many moms to hate it when they have an infant but love it at 5+ months. If the moby is working, stick with it for now.

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  • I never liked it. I got a Baby Hawk mai tei instead and then when she was about 10 months started using a Boba which I loved. I'm a size 16, and very short I felt like even with the extension belt the Ergo never fit right. It may have been my ridiculously large chest too, we just all didn't work in it, but the Boba was a lot better fit.
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  • We didn't get ours til our sweetpea was closer to 6 months. Maybe that is the problem? I agree with pp that I didn't wear it down on my hips. It went around my waist and was comfy.
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  • I am not a SSC person. I've tried Ergo, Beco, and Lillebaby. Beco was the best of the three, but that isn't saying much. I am short and Ergo is known for not being the best for shorties. Also, I dislike how SSC put more weight on certain areas that others, the buckles dig in, etc. I have back issues and wearing a woven wrap is like magic for me. Everyone is different!
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