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LO had a rough week

It started out with vomiting on Sunday after drinking a cup of milk.  The vomit was just curdled milk so I thought maybe the milk had gone a little off since she had no other signs of illness.  She did the same thing Monday morning at daycare after drinking her milk, but since she had no other signs of illness they did not send her home.  Tuesday morning she was sick again in the morning after drinking milk so we didn't take her to dc and I called the pedi when they opened.  They said since she had no other sympotms that it was probably just a GI bug and to give her clear fluids only for the next 24 hrs.  She was fine after that. 

We were outside Tues afternoon and were walking across the parking lot to get the mail when she stumbled, so I tried to pull her up a little to keep her from falling.  When I did this I heard a 'pop' followed by a lot of crying.  We went to the ER and she had dislocated her elbow (nursemaids elbow).  She was better on Wed and during the day yesterday so I gave her a small amount of milk last night and she seemed fine.  Today we get a call from DC to come pick her up because she was sick again....the same curdled milk vomit.  We had a follow-up with our pedi for her elbow so he checked her out and she has an infection in her throat (neg for streph) so he thinks that is what is causing the vomiting. 

Poor little thing has had a tough week :(

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