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This could be it!

We talked to our foster son's caseworker today, and she informed us that she is going to begin the full disclosure paperwork.  His family is not following their treatment plan, and the courts are getting ready to TPR.  I'm excited, yet wary at the same time.  So far every prospective adoption placement that we've had has fallen through, so until I have the proper paperwork in hand, I will continue to approach the whole situation cautiously.  

Haha! After re-reading the above paragraph, I realize I sound very negative.  I really am very happy, but I'm not ready to get my heart broken again.  I will continue to update as I find out more info. 

Re: This could be it!

  • FX that all goes well!!!!
    DX: Severe MFI (very low motility) in 2006. 2 IVF's and 1 FET ended in 3 losses. Adopted our baby girl born 10/2/10. FET March 2012= c/p. Officially done with fertIlity treatments. Plan to start adoption process again 2014/2015.
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  • Good Luck with everything!!!!
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  • Good luck I wish you the best! I can understand the caution .. I am pregnant with twins right now after two second trimester losses in previous pregnancies so I am so scared and cautious so to speak! It's nerve wracking all the not knowing what will happen. I'm just hoping like you these will be my take home babies! 
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