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I've actually been on here a bit, but have been having new problems I was hoping you might have a suggestion for. I just got BFP and these new problems are making it harder to connect with others.

1. when I post on my local board my signature images and text disappear (also happens on the knot)

2. when I post on my local board my post shows a way lower # and thus calls me a newbie. (also happens on the knot)

3. when I post on my local board it says I joined on a different date than what it shows on other boards. (also happens on the knot)

4. none of the posts I've replied to/written on the bump lately show up in the "my posts" section - although older ones do. ETA: for some reason this post shows up though the other 10 most recent don't!

 Any ideas? I'm so frustrated! TIA! 

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