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why is the dmv so slow

I had to go to the dmv today to apply for my enhanced license, and we were there for 2 hours.

It wasn't that busy, it just took forever for whatever reason. I got extremely lucky that DS was being so good, until the end he started to get a little hyper.

There was another girl there with a newborn baby and her 2-3 year old son. She was sitting at the end of our row trying to console her crying baby while her son was running all over the place and was trying to get DS to join him, but DS is super shy and just dug his head in my lap. I felt bad for her, especially when people started commenting on how well behaved my son was. It is uncomfortable when people compare kids in front of each other, and the reality was it was a mixture of filling him with snacks and having a good day. The only thing that bothered me with the other little boy was when he grabbed fruit snacks out of DS's hand, while his mom just watched us. DS of course bawled about it.

But seriously, the main thing is why 2 hours? Next time I'll have my in laws watch DS.

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Re: why is the dmv so slow

  • I can't stand going to the DMV.

    Last time I went (about 2 months ago) -  I had both kids with me. I went crack of dawn as soon as it opened- and about 40 minutes in to my wait- about 10 armed state troopers practically storm the DMV and about 5 min later carry a dude out in handcuffs with guns drawn.

    I was like, seriously? This has to happen when I have both kids with me?

    I will NEVER understand why it takes so long at the DMV (excluding arresting a strange dude at gun point.....)

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    Can you make an appt? I made an appt. online with the CA DMV and there was a separate line at the DMV for appts. It still took forever but I can only imagine how long it took someone else standing in the walk-in line.
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    There is appts I think for those getting their first license when you have to take the test. I had to get an enhanced license, to be able to go to Canada or Mexico and they wouldn't let me make an appt. Not sure why it took so long either, it was just an extra form I had to fill out.

    Q :  06.25.10
    W : 01.11.13

    #3 : due 11.02.15

  • Why are they so slow?  Because it is like some sort of ridiculous REQUIREMENT there, I swear! LOL
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  • Here in NJ going to the DMV is the most dreaded visit.  I'd rather have a root canal.  Why are they so slow?  All I can think of is that they hire bitter idiots who like to make the rest of us pay for their working a sucky job.  
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