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Anyone else here TTC but not telling your family/friends?

My hubby & I have just started TTC but I'm hesitant to tell any of my family/friends that we are trying (I feel like people will constantly ask if I'm preggo yet and I'll be more disappointed if I have to keep telling people I'm not pregnant yet if it doesn't happen right away). Our parents are anxious for us to have a baby and they always ask when we're going to start trying. I kind of want to keep it a special little secret between my hubby & I.... anyone else feel the same?

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Re: Anyone else here TTC but not telling your family/friends?

  • My husband and I found out we were pregnant in Feb. and then Miscarried in March. We didn't tell our parents until 2 weeks before the loss...Once we do TTC again we will NOT be telling ANYONE until we are in the 2nd Trimester....I actually go the Ok from my Dr. to start after my first cycle..The first thing my Mom asked when  I told her was..Well are yall going to try and I said NO...I don't want to tell people and then something happen...again...

    Good Luck to you and your husband.... :)

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  • My husband and I told our co-workers and I told one cousin of mine that I could trust not to tell anyone. Besides that I don't plan on telling anyone. I think its better off not to say anything. Once you are in the pregnancy and a few weeks in I think that is when you should spill the beans. (=

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  • Yes, I def feel the same! It's a few months away until we even start trying. People have asked recently and I just say "sometime this year" for your exact reasons. I almost don't even want to tell them the month b/c some ppl read into it and will have the calendar out still guessing and asking!  I'm slowly counting down the days until we start trying though, its on my mind everydayyyyyy! I want it to hurry up already!!!!!
  • We decided to start trying 2/19/12 and we havent really told anyone... I told my best friend but i know she wont keep asking if i am or not. We plan to wait until we are for a few weeks before blasting it everywhere!
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  • I feel the same way.  It's you and your husband's business.  No one else's, no matter how much they pry.  We've been trying for 4 months, but we don't want to tell anyone until we are for sure preggo.  That way, no one can put extra pressure on us.  Good luck!
  • We didn't tell anyone we we're TTC, we waited till we had conceived then told the family and close friends! It was nice and private. I didn't have anyone asking if we had any "fast swimmers" as my DH calls them lol. I also didn't have anyone making me feel worse during a period of TTC that I felt like I was failing. It is harder to make this little miracle then people tell you when your growing up! We enjoy sharing the joy now, but enjoyed keeping to ourselves then! Good Luck Ladies!!
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  • A select few close friends know, but family doesn't.  I'm not sure I could deal with "Any news? How about now? Now?" on top of TTC, and I have a few family members who are prime for 20 questions.
  • I'm not quite TTC but even now I'm very vague with family and friends about when we are going to start TTC. I feel that thats a time that I don't want any stress put on me froms family or friends. I don't think that my MIL could contain herself with excitement! good luck with TTC

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  • I told 2 close friends when DH and I were TTC. They were both friends who I trusted completely and knew not to keep asking if we were preggo yet. We just agreed that I would bring up the subject if I wanted to. This at least gave me the option of having someone else to talk to about it if I chose to do so. We didn't tell parents or anyone else. I had the same fears you did and figured it was no one else's business.
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  • Pretty much as soon as we got married people began asking about when we were going to start a family. It drove me crazy, so when we started TTC nine months ago, I didn't tell ANYONE (my husband, on the other hand, apparently told anyone who would listen). Even without mentioning it to my family, they keep pressuring me about when I'm going to get pregnant. I can't imagine if they actually knew I was trying. Actually, I can, and it would probably involve tips and advice from my parents. No thank you.

    I'm now about 5w2d pregnant and we haven't told anyone about that either. I do look forward to sharing the news, but having the first grandchild is stressful!

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  • We haven't told anyone that we're TTC, and we probably won't tell anyone but immediate family until the 2nd trimester.  But I know that I'll be bursting to tell people as soon as we find out, so it will be hard, haha.  

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  • My husbands family is always putting pressure on us to have a baby, because in their minds, we should have one by now.  I don't like that kind of pressure because TTC can be nerve racking on its own.  We have started trying and I disregard their badgering and don't tell them.  My family doesn't put pressure on like that.  It's just not something we are ready to talk about yet.


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  • Only my very best friend knows.  She had her first 18 months ago, and it took her a while to get a BFP, so she is very respectful and not asking all the time.  This is our first month though, so the answer may change depending on how long it takes!  Good luck to you!
  • I have told my mom.  We are going to have a rocky road to get to baby and my parents ended up adopting me after IF issues.  So it has been nice to have one person to talk to that understands what it's like.  Besides her, we haven't told anyone. It's tough going through tests and meds in this secret life with the outside world not knowing, though.
  • I totally understand.  Unfortunately, my DH decided to tell his family so now my MIL keeps asking how things are going.  It's so weird.  I prefer to keep my silence aand just surprise every one with great news!
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