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Tired of the doctor?

Anyone else tired of going to appointments or am I just crazy? I was never really a fan of going to the doctor in the first place, so that probably has some influence over it.  I feel bad about always having to take time off of work for appointments.  I know I have a lot more to go though and when LO is here I will still have appointments to take her to. 
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Re: Tired of the doctor?

  • I am.  But, only when I see a certain midwife.  Every time we get this one, we wait at least 30 minutes after my scheduled appointment time to be seen, and it's pretty annoying. 
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  • Now that I am getting closer to going every other week/every week, I schedule my appt. for the very end of the day so I don't have to take alot (if any) time off. If my doctor is doing a delivery, I just see one of the other doctors since there is a chance any one of them could be there for my delivery.
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  • I am not so sick of these appt because I get updates on my little girl :). I am getting scared of my weekly appt's though because they will start the internal exams eek
  • Yep. With 2U2, I've spent a lot of time at the OB's office over the last couple years. Early on in the pregnancy I wished I could just call them with my weight and BP. I am dreading the biweekly and soon to be weekly visits, but at least now we're in the home stretch.
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  • I love going to my appointments still! It means delivery time is getting closer and closer, and Im excited to start meeting the other MWs in the practice, which starts this Wednesday!
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  • You aren't crazy at all.  I don't mind going but I feel bad because I don't want to bring Peyton with me so I have my mom watch her for a little bit.  I try to schedule them for when she should be napping so my mom doesn't have to do much.  Of course she loves watching her, and isn't working, but I still feel guilty!  I just don't think it's very practical to bring Peyton to my appts with me.  Oh and I have to go to my regular OB but also a high risk OB all the time too!
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  • I see regular OB and Maternal & Fetal Medicine.  Now that we are drawing to the end, I see one of them once a week.  Now they want me to a stress test, so that's two times a week.  I think my job is more pissed than i am.
  • I spend 3 DAYS a WEEK (2 hour appointments) at MFM every single week (BPP/Dopplers/NST). And then an OB appointment every Tuesday on top of that. And then I usually end up in the hospital at least one day a week... Friday I spent an additional 7 hours in the hospital for more monitoring!

    I wish I had a normal pregnancy with appointments only once a week or once every other week... so count your blessings.  

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  • I love my doctor. She is extremely kind and very easy to get along with. I usually really look forward to my appointments simply because I am eager to know that things are progressing in a healthy way. Although, I am tired of the anxiety that comes along with appointments. I'm always afraid that we will find out that something is wrong. So I can understand where you are coming from. 
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  • I really don't mind going b/c the appointments are so quick and easy now. The only part of it I dread is getting weighed :(
  • I'm ok about the appointments.  It really helps to be able to hear LOs heartbeat & know that he is doing ok in there.  My Dr. actually had me schedule out all my appointments from now until a couple weeks after delivery since her schedule can get hectic. So any appointments that I don't need will go to LO. It really is kind of nice to know when I will be going in. I also have already started every other week appointments & after the 1st part of may will be doing weekly. Time is going by very quickly.
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  • Completely sick of it! I just had to turn in a list of upcoming appointments in to my work, and realized I have 24 appointments scheduled in the next 8 weeks... it's ridiculous!  At this rate I won't have any PTO left for maternity leave!
  • If you think you're tired, you should see my appointment schedule. I have appointments with the regular OB, the high risk doctors and my oncologist. I was supposed to keep up a schedule with my surgeon since I'm less than 9 months post cancer removal / breast reconstruction surgery, but I'm so tired of appointments, that I've not gone to most of those.
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  • I am weird and actually look forward to it to hear LO and that everything is going well (hopefully) - but I sometimes leave disappointed.....my own fault but I feel kind of rushed so I never ask all the questions I have brought with me so I am always behind in my questions


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  • I'm kinda annoyed with having to go so often, but I know it's for a good cause. 
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  • My OB and I have a good rapport. We have the same sense of humor and I love the nurses so I mostly look forward to them.
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