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4 weeks today

I went threw ifv and lost our 1st child at xmas...now today is the 1st day we could find out and went in for my beta hcg its 121 so im right at 4 weeks today...has anyone else had there hgc test?

Re: 4 weeks today

  • Isn't it exciting? I'm 4 weeks, 3 days and just had my first blood draw. I think mine was 400 something, but they took it at 4 weeks 2 days because of the weekend. I used fertility treatments so they're rechecking it on me tomorrow to make sure it is doubling at the right rate.
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  • I am 4 wks and 1 day today and yes I also was using fertility treatment and have had my blood drawn twice last week and again on Monday.  They are also checking my rates to make sure that I am progressing nicely.

    They say that after Monday, I will be scheduled for my first ultrasound.  Interesting and exciting.



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  • I had my hcg test on Thursday, 14dpiui and my levels were 130.9.  They said that they wanted the levels over 100. 
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