6 Weeks Pregnant

Spreading the Good News

Just wanted to share my experience in announcing my first pregnancy:

My husband and I are working on closing on a home of our own and it's taken months of looking and a few major disappointments to finally come to this point. Through it all, his parents and mine, as well as my older sister, have been a lot of help, since they've been through it all and we're first timers. Did I mention I found out I'm pregnant four days after we put a bid in on this house? Big Smile 

Given that everyone was already so happy and so eager to see the house and to help us through the finaly stage of our search, we thought it would be awesome if we could just hold in the news about the pregnancy until everyone was together for a walk through. With that planned, it was just a matter of how to spill the beans.

Originally we were thinking of covertly placing a "Baby's Room" or "Welcome Home Baby" sign on the door of the room we had already picked for the nursery. But this did not really allow for simultainious news deliverance, so we went back to the drawing board.

Then we thought, I have experience working with children's books, so they seemed like the logical choice in celebrating the big news. We bought two board books (the baby-friendly sturdy cardboard kind) for each gift bag, one bag to each couple, his parents, my parents, and my sister and her husband. We picked books that were recognizable to our families, classics we read again and again as children or ones based on lullabies our parents sang to us, or just adorable new favorites.

After everyone had looked around the house to their contentment we brought out the gift bags and we thanked them for sticking with us through the stress and the adventure of finding a home and said we had something to celebrate. The bags were handed out and opened while my husband and I held our breath.

It took a moment. There were a few "What's this?" questions, then my mom said,

"They're for reading to the grandkids when they come over!"

To which we confirmed, "We're having a baby!" My sister was the first to rush up and hug me, then it was a blur of happy tears and happy faces. That was only earlier today, and it was a killer holding the news in until 6 weeks. Smile

Almost as good was telling my cousins, siblings, 22yr old female and 13yr old male respectively, who, when I bold faced told them "I'm pregnant," they both went "Nuh-uh!" at the same time! XD The sister called dibs on baby shower detail while hugging me and the lego model obsessed brother is doubtless going to be the source of Duplo Blox related gifts for years to come!

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