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Took my 3 hour glucose test---wasn't bad!!!

I was worried about the fasting and the 4 blood draws and the waiting...turned out great though!


Had a great phlebotomist, she offered a choice of glucose drinks (orange, grape and "Sprite"), I chose the Sprite flavored one which wasn't bad at all.

 I downloaded podcasts, got several games going on Draw Something, bought a crossword and word search book, magazines and a fun book. The time FLEW by! I also took a walk which helped the time pass quickly, plus I had an ultrasound during the first hour.

The fasting and anemia made me VERY woozy after the last draw so I made sure to have plenty of water and snacks on hand to inhale once I was given the all clear. I'm exhausted, but very pleased with the day. It was kind of like a reading vacation :-)

Just wanted to share a good experience in case any of you still need to do the 3 hour. 

Re: Took my 3 hour glucose test---wasn't bad!!!

  • Oh, and the ultrasound went great! DS is a little over 4.5 lbs at 31 weeks, is breech and my placenta is in a good place (this will be my 3rd c-section).

    He kind of smiled during the u/s :-) Cute little boy!

    Also had a rhogam shot and another antibody test.

    I'm formula feeding (medical reasons) so I asked the nurses if they had any formula samples and I guess no one ever asks for formula samples b/c the nurse gave me everything they had--an entire case of ProSobee. 

    Feel like I got a lot accomplished today! 

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  • yay!

     I finally got the one hour one done.  Passed, thankfully - I don't think I could stand to drink that orange gunk again!

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  • the orange dosent taste so bad i drank it with no problem when i had to do mine. It was just like flat soda lol
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  • Glad to hear. :) My 3 hour wasn't torturous or as bad as I had read about, but it was boring. I brought plenty to entertain me but couldn't focus on it for long at all. 
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