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is 2 1/2 too young for a sticker reward chart?

We are working on the whole action/consequence thing and it has been tough.  Time-outs are getting less effective and the little booger sometimes asks for one just to be a sasspants.  I've heard of people using sticker or magnet reward charts, the idea being to focus and reward positive behavior rather than focusing on negative behavior.  Any thoughts on whether 2 1/2 is too young to start this? 
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Re: is 2 1/2 too young for a sticker reward chart?

  • Well, it sounds like Miss T is well versed in timeouts already, eh?   We've only done those a couple of times with so-so results.  

    But I do suspect girls are a little ahead of boys in this kind of thing, so go ahead and try it.. what can it hurt? 


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  • I don't know about a chart but sometimes when Adrian uses the potty, I give him a sticker afterwards. He loves stickers. Not sure they will understand the concept of filling up a chart, maybe you can just put a sticker on her hand or something. Doesn't hurt to try though! :)
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  • We just started one for DD this week.  She gets a sticker for cooperating with things like getting dressed in the morning without a fit, showing good manners at mealtime, etc.  If she gets 3 stickers in a day she can watch one of her TV shows at breakfast the next day.  I know, flame if you must for using TV as a reward, but this is working really well for us and I'm not changing anything right now. :) Timeouts don't do much for DD and her behavior has been ridiculous since baby brother came, but she definitely gets the chart and it has helped us a lot this week. 
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  • Doesn't seem too early.
  • Probably - but you know her best :) I worked with LOs for a very long time and sticker charts weren't very effective until preschool + ages. I had a very cute/fun stamp that would light up and when the younger preschoolers did something they'd get one on their hand. Just find an incentive that will work in your situation/her age, you know? GL!

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    I don't post much on here but wanted to provide my experience.  My daughter just turned 3 and we have used a sticker chart for her for a while now.  She earns X stickers and then gets a reward (play an extra game, watch a tv show, trinket from the dollar store - I use whatever might be her favorite thing at the time).  It has worked wonders for us.  Good Luck!
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  • It still hasn't worked for my almost 5 y.o., but why not give it a try.

    What is currently working for us: marking negative behaviour on the calendar (as "N" = not listening) and taking toys away. For accumulating 17 "L's" = listening in a row, he gets to chose a small toy in a toy store.

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