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Curious: Height/Weight/Size

I am 5'4" and almost 15 weeks postpartum (need to begin a rigid exercise plan).

Pre-baby weight was 142 and I was size 8/10.

Now I am 158 and a 12/14

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Re: Curious: Height/Weight/Size

  • Im 5'4 

    Pre baby- 172 size 14

    Post baby 165 

    Still in my same size 14 jeans.  A few weeks ago I started eating better and walking 2 miles everyday with DS...thats about the only thing I've been doing.  I was at my pre preg weight when I left the hospital because I only gained 8 lbs my whole pregnancy. 

  • i'm 5'5. 

     pre baby- 120 size 2

    gained 43 pounds. was 163 when i went in to have her 

    post baby- 125 wearing size 4 now but they are getting a little big


  • I'm 5'0

    Pre-pregnancy I was 105

    I gained about 40 lbs during the pregnancy

    Now I'm back in my pre prego jeans but they are a little loose. I don't have a scale so I don't know my exact weight.

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  • I am 5'8" and almost 21 weeks postpartum

    Pre baby weight - 142 and size 4

    Now I am 140 and fit all my pre-pregnancy clothes. 

    All I can attribute this weight loss to is breastfeeding (yay!). I know when I stop I'm going to have to start exercising again to maintain.

  • I'm 4'11.

    Pre-baby: 130lbs and size 7. 

    Now: 170lbs and size 13. 

    I need to start dieting an exercising but I just never seem to have any time (as I sit here on my butt bumping... Wink )

  • 5'1" , prebaby weight 100 lbs, size 00 or 0.  

    I was 132 lbs at time of delivery.

    13 weeks postpartum, still 5'1" ;-) and weighing in at 108 lbs...and holding (I stalled out about three weeks ago!). 

    Currently in size 0 with a decent muffin top (hey, it's the best part of the muffin, is it not?!) or size 2 without the muffin top (although I only have two pair of pants that are size 2).

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  • Pre baby 157 size 8

    post baby (14 weeks PP) 179 size 12. I gained 80lbs. I am doing WW and losing 2 lbs/week. Goal is 140 size 6 :)

    ETA: I'm 5'6"

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  • I'm 4' 10.5" (yup, that's right--it's awful) and my DD is almost 5 months old

    Pre-baby weight: 130 and I was a size 4/6

    Gained 50 pounds!  YIKES!

    Now: 144 and 6/8

    Boobs: used to be a small D--now a huge G!!!!!  I like to think that they are adding a few pounds to my weight! :-)

    Mason Matthew 1-12-09 and Noelle Clara 11-15-11


  • I'm 4' 10.5" (yup, that's right--it's awful) and my DD is almost 5 months old

    Pre-baby weight: 130 and I was a size 4/6

    Gained 50 pounds! YIKES!

    Now: 144 and 6/8

    Boobs: used to be a small D--now a huge G!!!!! I like to think that they are adding a few pounds to my weight! :-)

    Mason Matthew 1-12-09 and Noelle Clara 11-15-11


  • Man, there are some tiny people on this board!!!

    <shamefully not listing my stats>


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  • 5'7".  Baby is almost 5 months old. 

     Pre-baby weight:  138, size 4/6

    Gained 30 lbs.

     Now:  140, give or take a couple of pounds and 6/8.  8 because of my boobs (saggy and not cute).  Went from 34C to 36F.  Gut is flabby and not cute.  I eat everything under the sun (I need to eat healthier.  I think I eat chocolate/sweets every day).  Thank God I'm bf'ing or I think I'd be 15 lbs heavier.

    I should be about 133 lbs.  Had gained almost 10 lbs in the year prior to getting pregnant.  I tell myself I'm going to work out once I stop bf'ing.  We'll see.

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  • I am 5'4" and I was 150 before I got pregnant with this guy.  I was 137lbs and a size 8 before my 1st son was born in Jan 2010, but I didn't lose all of the weight before I got pregnant this time.  Now I am 158 lbs and a size 10-12.  I just joined a gym this week, so hopefully I will get back in shape soon.
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  • I agree, I'm not posting.....! Its like everyone on here is petite!

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  • 5'3" and 145. My goal is 125, so I have 20 lbs to lose. I'm in a size 8 right now. I'm back to pp weight, but never lost all my weight after first son, ugh. Before son #1 I was about 135, so my goal is below that. We'll see!
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  • I'm 5'3" and pp I was 148 and a size 8. I'm not back to 148 and a size 8. Although I was a B cup and am now a C/D cup. I definitely need to get back on track. I was about 10 lbs more than I prefer to be PP, so I'd like to get down to 135-140.
  • Pre-baby: 5'8" and 148 lbs

    Post baby: 5'8" Wink and 150-152 lbs

    I am almost 19 weeks postpartum (wow!)

    When I am done BF, I will probably go on a diet but I am trying to maintain my calories for my supply.  Maybe sometime I will start working out too..... Indifferent


    ETA:  I am a size 10 and was a size 8

  • Pre-baby: 5'8" and 165 lbs.  Wore a size 10.

    Post-baby: still 5'8" and roughly 185 lbs (I've been too scared to weigh myself recently).  Wearing a size 12-14.

    I was almost 220 lbs when I went into the hospital and my DD is 19 weeks old.  I lost all that weight in the first 3 weeks and haven't lost much since then, but I haven't been eating right or working out, just going on walks when it's nice outside.  I finally caved and bought some new outfits because I'm sick of not owning anything that fits Sad

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  • Pre-baby 114, now 113. I gained 30 pounds during pregnancy and DS is 4 months.
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  • Pre-baby: 5'5" and 150 lbs.  Wore a size 8/10.

    Post-baby: Baby is 18 weeks. I gained 55 lbs with pregnancy. I'm now roughly 185 lbs.  Wearing a size 12-14.

    I was really hoping to be back to a reasonable size before going back to work last week but had to settle for buying size 14 clothing and being willing to wear some maternity pants until I can get this spare tire off of my stomach/waist/hips :(

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  • Thank you for this post! Makes me feel a lot better. I still have a long way to go (see ticker).

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  • I'm 5' 7" (I say 5'8" but I'm full of it...) 

    I was 167 when I got preg, 193 when I delivered, and 165 currenty (16 weeks post partum...)  

    I still have 10 lbs to go to get to goal weight (on Weight Watchers) 


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  • 5"5, 128, 20 weeks PP (i think?)

    at my 6 week OBGYN appt. i was 123, so i guess i gained 45 lbs. according to that. i'm in a size 6 now and i still cry way too much over it. i was a size 3 before i got pregnant. wahh. 

  • I'm 5'8" and 19 weeks post partum

    Pre-baby I was 154 and a size 4/6

    Now, I'm 165 and a size 8/10

    I have done almost no exercising and need to do something.

    Oh, and just for full disclosure, I was 208 the week I delivered DD.  I gained 54 pounds.

    AVT - 12.2.11

    LCT - 5.15.14 ~ 9lbs, 22.5 inches

  • image smallfry5909:

    Man, there are some tiny people on this board!!!

    <shamefully not listing my stats>


    Right there with you, sister!  

    Because you're mine, I walk the line....
    Landry Mark: 11/5/11
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  • Pre-Baby: 5'4" approx 160lbs and wearing a size 14. My boobs were 34DD.

    21 weeks post baby: still 5'4" and about 165 lbs but wearing a loose 14, maybe 12 on a good day. My boobs went up to a 34G! 

    I lost weight after I had my son, but gained some back when I had the Mirena put in.

    I like to tell myself I gained all my weight in my boobs :)

    Married 02.06.10
    DS1 born 11.19.11
    DS2 born 07.02.14

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  • I'm 5'9"ish and DS is 4 months old

    Pre-baby I was 140 and a size 8ish depending on the brand

    Now I'm 132 and a size 6

    Charlie - 12/11/2011 * Surprise! #2 - EDD 2/17/2015

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  • 5 feet 7 inches and 132 lbs prepregnancy. I am now 135 and I attribute the loss to breast feeding. I think I was 164 when I delivered.

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  • I'm 5'2" and almost 18 weeks pp.

    Pre-baby weight was 105 and a size 0

    Now I am 112 and a size 2

  • I'm 5'9"

    Prepregnancy: 138 lbs, size 4, and I gained 30 pounds during my pregnancy

    LO is 5 months and today I'm 137 and able to fit into most of my old clothes. The problem is that I'm very out of shape and everything has shifted. This gut is no good and I haven't bothered to exercise at all (seriously where do you find the time?). I have an insatiable appetite and I don't eat well (thank goodness for BF).

  • I am 5'10 and almost 6 months PP

    Pre-baby 155 size 10

    Post baby 167 and size 12

    Need to get my fat a$s in gear, LOL

  • 5'4'' an DD is 16W today

    Pre DD1 135 and 192 at delivery

    Pre DD2 118 (took 20mos to get here!) and165 at delivery

    Today 134

    I'm not dieting per se, just staying active and eating healthy. Since the weight is still coming off and I'm EBF I'm not super concerned. I'd rather lose slowly and sustain the loss!

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  • wow skinny mini's!!  I was 146 pre baby, 187 at delivery and now 153... hard to loose those last few pounds! Doesn't help eating Easter chocolate ;)

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