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Odd thing...has it happened to anyone else?

I went threw 10 hours of painful labor before my water broke. And just before it did I felt and heard a loud pop. I just wanted to know if its happened to anyone else. 

Re: Odd thing...has it happened to anyone else?

  • Sounds normal to me.  My water didn't break w/ my DS, until I was pushing.  I know of one gal whose LO was born w/ the sack still intact and the Dr had to break it and pull it off her LO.  Really, it can break any time.
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  • That "pop" happens to a lot of women. Although I can not relate (I am still pregnant with my first child), my mother has had 4 children and had that "pop" with all of us. Congrats :)
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  • With both of my pregnancies, the water broke and started my labor.  Both times, I heard the "pop" sound.

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  • Me too! It was very strange I heard and felt the pop and immediately felt contractions so to the hospital we went!
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    Yes, I definitely remember that "pop" when I delivered DS.  Congrats!

    This for me too! 


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  • I felt the pop as well.  It felt and sounded like he broke a limb in utero .. although that's almost impossible.  As a first time mom, I thought ANYTHING was possible! LOL :)
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