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Sleep help please?

Up until DD was 6 months she was great at night, would go to sleep around 7:30, wake at 4:00, and then sleep until 7:00 nurse and sleep until 9:00. I was so happy with her. 

Now she still nurses to sleep and have started to dream feed her at 10ish but will wake up at 1:00, 3:00 and 5:00. I can deal with the 1:00 and 3:00 as she nurses to sleep again but now at 5:00 she's refusing to go back to sleep and I know she's still tired because she's showing all the signs.

It's wrecking everyones sleep.

I used to be able to bring her in with us and get her to sleep at 5:00, now she just rolls everywhere in our bed and pulls my hair!

DH want's to just leave her in her bed to fuss it out, we did this for a while last night but I just couldn't sleep because she was making so much noise (not crying) I figured that me being there and helping her get back to sleep is better then both of us getting no sleep.

Any help would be much appreciated! 

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Re: Sleep help please?

  • Try to get her to sleep without nursing. I nurse DS before bed and put him down drowsy but awake. I dream feed before I go to bed, then I refuse to feed until at least 3 am. This has worked to get a chunk of sleep between 10 or 11 and 3 or 4. It took a week or so of going in and giving cuddles rather than nursing. And when I put him back in the crib and leave without nursing, he does cry for a few seconds (out of frustration, not out of fear or discomfort). And then he sleeps. And now he's sleeping much better.

    Sometimes we still cuddle and nurse for an hour or so in the morning, but if he gets squirmy and rough he goes back in the crib... and usually goes back to sleep.

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