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Help!- What to charge for a summer babysitter?


I'm coming to this board from the November 2011 board with a question and I'm hoping that you mommies will be able to help me. Sorry this is a little long... I want to give all the background info.

I'm a SAHM mom with my 4 month old. Before I had DS I used to teach preschool and a family that I taught 2 of their kiddos asked me to  babysit for them form time to time. I babysat for them here and there during my pregnancy and still do on occasion. I have now known them for 3 years and they now have 4 kiddos.

They have asked me to watch their kids for the summer and I gladly accepted their offer! I love this family and they are really good kids. Plus I'll get to make some money and still have my son with me when I go there. 

So here is my question... I need to know what you would pay for a summer babysitter. I wanted to ask this board because two of their children are school age. They have a son who is 7 and going into 2nd grade next school year. Their daughter is 5 and will go into kindergarten in the fall.  Then they have a 3 year old boy and a baby who will be 9 months when I start watching them at the end of May. 

I would be watching them Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9-5. But on Tuesday I would only have the three older kids because the baby will be going to the sitters house who he goes to see now. They don't want him to become unfamiliar with her over the summer so he will still be going there one day a week.

I haven't watched all 4 of the kids at a time yet, one is usually with Grandma or Grandpa for a sleepover. When I go to watch them, say on a Saturday night and I get there at 6, they usually are home by 11-11:30 and they will give me $60. But the kids are in bed at 9... so 2 of those hours I don't have any kiddos. So this is where I'm stuck. I don't know how much I should ask to be paid. They are a wealthy family and I know that they can afford to pay me a good amount... I just don't know what. 

There are so many variables in this and I just don't know where to start to figure this all out. Would hourly be better? Or daily (because that one day I will only have 3 of their kids)? So many questions!? haha! 

If you have made it through this whole thing and have some advice for me that would be great!!

Thanks so much!!  

Re: Help!- What to charge for a summer babysitter?

  • Have them pay you hourly that way you are getting paid for the entire time you are there in case they work late or want to run errands after work you are getting paid for your time.  I would say you should get paid anywhere between $10-$15/hour.

  • I am lurking here, but thought I could offer some advice b/c I am a former nanny and a current in-home daycare provider.  When I was a nanny I worked in a higher cost of living area and made $12/hour watching 3 kids under 3 years old.  Now as a licensed daycare provider in a low cost of living area I charge $30/kid per day (8am-5pm)... which would be over $13/hour.  

    Depending on the perks like if they will cover your gas if you drive places or if they have you do house keeping chores like most nannies would, I would ask between $10-13/hour.  Hope that helps a bit!

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  • I would expect to pay $12-15/hour for your services, considering the number of kids and the fact that one is still a baby.  Honestly, knowing that you're a preschool teacher, I'd be willing to pay at the high end of the range because I'd figure you would be up for doing fun activities with the kids.  I'd be able to count on you to do more than just keep the kids safe and fed for several hours a day.
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  • I would charge hourly and would expect to pay at least $15 an hour in my smallish Northern CA town.
  • I'm paying our summer nanny (college student) $12/hr.  My kids are 7,4,2.  I would charge hourly and expect b/w $12-$14.
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