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Easter egg hunt, Hunger Games style (xp)

I was trying to describe the upcoming community Easter egg hunt to DD so she wouldn't be freaked by the amount of kids there.   I told her there would be a LOT of boys and girls running for the eggs.  Cue DH piping in, oh so helpfully:


"It's like the Hunger Games, honey.  Whatever you do, stay away from the cornucopia.  It's a bloodbath at the cornucopia."


At that point I was laughing too hard to finish. 

DD -- 5YO
DS -- 3YO

Re: Easter egg hunt, Hunger Games style (xp)

  • Oh dang! Embarrassed Is it bad that the only thing I know about the Hunger Games is that I know that the books and movie are out. I'm usually up on my pop culture.

    But your DH is funny!

  • LOL!  i would have cracked up too!

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  • That is a perfect description for it!  Unfortunately it is hard for little ones to understand to go further out.
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