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Long 2 year over due birth story!

I never realized this board was here and after reading some stories last week it encouraged me to take my bullet points I made right after LO was born and put them together in pargraph form. It is long just warning you :)

I imagined my water would break and Nic and I would rush to the hospital nervous and excited and I would push and push and she would come out and be placed on my chest. Everyone crying and cheering?..Well none of that happened!

Our second to last doctor?s appointment was when the dreaded word, C-Section, was first ever mentioned to me. It was a Monday, we had just put our beloved dog to sleep, (he had cancer) I was not progressing and we were nearing the end of the road. The doctor said there was a slight chance of a C-Section. That was not what I wanted to hear. I went into that appointment thinking he was going to say either I had progressed or at least lets schedule your induction. Nope! He said he would it give it another week and see me again and then we would go from there. I cried after that appointment I was done being pregnant and I did not want a C-section, my dog just died and I had already started maternity thinking the doctor would induce me. Now I had wasted a whole week of maternity leave.

So the week came and went very slowly, and I was finally back for another appointment. The doctor said no progress. NO PROGRESS! Geez. There was some good news though; he decided to schedule my induction for Thursday evening. Nic and I were so excited. That week also dragged on. I did some final shopping and everything I could to prepare.

Wednesday morning I woke up and that was cleaning day. I started steam cleaning all the carpets when my phone rang. It was my doctor. A girl he had scheduled for Wednesday evening induction had her baby Tuesday so if I wanted the slot I could come that night. He started to tell me I could talk to my husband and call him back but I interrupted him and said, ?What time we will be there!? Later in my story you will see why I believe God was watching over us. I called Nic first and said, ?Change of plans? and I paused, he said, ?what what?? I told him we are inducing tonight. He was so excited. I then called my Mom and told her and she rushed down to help finish the cleaning. Called my Mother in law who woo hoo?d on the phone!

That evening was a special and relaxing time. Most of my family came over and we ordered from our favorite pizza place. We all sat around talking laughing eating. Then they all left around 7:00 to give Nic and me some time alone. At about 7:40 we packed up the car and headed to the hospital. I am sure we looked like two goofy idiots grinning from ear to ear telling the check in we were there for our induction.

We got settled into our freezing room, the heat was broke, and the cervadil began. OHHHH I hated that. I had to lie on my back for two hours and not get up. I could not go more than 30 minutes without peeing and lying on my back was absolutely miserable at that point. There was a nurse in training assigned to me, who was very sweet. I tried to be as nice as possible when she would check me, but she would check me and then not know what she felt so a second nurse would have to come and check me again. I got to a point where I couldn?t stand to be checked by her and then the head nurse so she was pulled off of me. After about hour and a half of Cervadil Kylie?s heart rate sped up so they took me off of it. I thought what a waste of time but shortly after it was out I started feeling contractions.

The night settled in and Nic was asleep. That is when the contractions became very intense. I tried ignoring them by watching tons of infomercials. Had my wallet been next to me I would have spent a lot of money that night. One of the nurses came in looked at my chart and said, ?Oh honey, are you feeling these contractions they are at the top of the charts.? I said, ?Yes please make the pain stop.? They gave me some meds that would make me fall asleep for about 45 min and then I would be awake and in pain again. At about 4:00am they gave me the pitocin and at about 7:00am I had my epidural.

For the epidural they kicked Nic out and it was just me, a lovely nurse and the anesthesiologist. He was awesome. I hugged a pillow through a contraction while the nurse rubbed my back for comfort then she wrapped her arms around me in a big hug and the epidural was in. Nic was let back in the room and the doctor came in with him to break my water. There was meconium in it and a lot of it. The doctor said, ?I am glad we got you in last night this could have been very dangerous for the baby.? God was watching over us!

My mom showed up and so did my mother in law. I was feeling great; I mean I wasn?t feeling anything from the waist down! We were all chatting and at about 8:00am the doctor and nurse came in to explain to me that Kylie?s heart rate was dropping with my contractions. I don?t think I have ever felt so scared in my whole life. I tried to look calm and act as if I was ok but inside I thought I was going to throw up. They put me on some oxygen in hopes that would help. Another hour went by and no one had come in so we thought everything was ok. Then almost 9:00 on the dot everyone rushed in. I felt a pit in my stomach and just waited to see what they had to say. My doctor said, ?ok I don?t like how things are going we are doing an emergency C-Section.? AHHH there was that word again. I didn?t want a C-Section I wanted to push and feel that excitement of giving birth. I started tearing up and looked at Nic he got right in my face and said, ?why are you sad she is going to be here any minute.? I then realized that it didn?t matter how she came just as long as she got here and was ok.

While Nic, mom and mother in law moved all of our stuff to our room we would be staying I was prepped for surgery. The anesthesiologist was with me the whole time explaining step by step what was happening and why. God he was so wonderful through the whole thing. I remember being afraid they were going to start without Nic and I kept saying don?t start yet he isn?t here. I could here them laughing at me! The cutting began. I could feel pressure but no pain. At one point Nic yelled ?she is here? and I said ?she is?? and he said ?no just kidding.? Later on he told me he did that to get my mind off things. Yeah! Then the nurse yelled look at that hair and then they all yelled Whoa big baby ha- ha. My husband ran over to the table with the video camera and then I heard her cry. OMG what a wonderful cry to hear. He brought her to me and our first photo was taken. The nurses directed Nic and Kylie out of the room and I was left there to be stitched up. The doctor came back down to tell me she was 9lbs 12oz and perfect.

I was wheeled into a recovery room. Drifting in and out of sleep. Finally I said I need to feed my baby she must be starving. I think I just wanted company at that point. I was in a room in the back of the maternity ward by myself, well one nurse was in there but she wasn?t talkative. I was imagining everyone in the waiting room getting to hold my baby and smiling and hugging and here I was, like some chump, just sitting here. So the nurse went out and got Nic and Kylie and brought them both back to me. For the first time I fed her. Wow talk about a weird and incredible feeling. I was still completely numb from the waist down so it was kind of hard feeding but we figured it out.

Then they wheeled us to our room and it was just so much fun. Everyone came to visit and brought gifts. She would just lay on my chest and sleep. It was like she already knew to cuddle with me that I was her Mom. She would cry when others held her and then just calm down and cuddle up when she was with me. Nic got to change the first dirty diaper because I was still numb. Luckily my Best Friend was there to help him out. It was such a funny moment.

            We chose to have her stay overnight in the nursery instead of in our room so we could both sleep. After about an hour in the nursery the nurses called our room I could hear her crying, I already knew her cry, I felt so scared like something was wrong. We had a no googie rule and they were calling to ask if they could break that rule. Gosh she already had such a strong personality. Of course I said yes give it to her. What mother that just gave birth and is super emotional would say no don?t give it to her just let her cry! Then everything seemed to be ok and calm. For the first time since I was admitted I felt like sleeping. Sleep hmmmm what is sleep? The nurse came in every two hours so I could nurse her. I had to wake her up and really try hard to get her to feed. She was so tired. Most of the time she would just lay on my chest? that night was so incredible. The next day I had to actually get up. OUCH. Getting up for the first time was painful but also really awesome to take a shower put on my nightgown and a little makeup. We had tons of visitors that day and I really don?t remember much else. That night I actually got to sleep. The nurse told me she would only bring her to me if she woke up and was crying. That was nice until about 1:00am I woke up panicking thinking she must be starving and I called the nursery. They said she was sleeping but that they would bring her to me anyway. I fed her and then off she went and we both slept till morning.

            Saturday morning had arrived. It was time to go home. No visitors that morning. The doctor gave Kylie and me the ok to go home but said we could stay one more day if we wanted. I did. I wanted to stay more than anything in the world but Nic would have killed me. He was going stir crazy and needed to go home. I got Kylie in her going home outfit. Well half way into it. Her belly button made me nervous so I was too afraid to put pants on her. I put her onesie and vest on then covered her with a million blankets. It was flurrying outside. Here we went proudly walking down the hallway carrying our baby in her carseat. Everyone looking to glimpse at the cutest baby in the world and I know I was just grinning from ear to ear. Leaving the hospital with the same stupid smile as when I walked in. We sat in the waiting room while the car was warming up terrified to stop rocking the carseat because she would cry! After about 15 min we loaded up and headed home.

            We got home got inside and just relaxed for a moment. Then Nic needed to leave to go get my medicine and something to eat. I was freaking out terrified inside about being alone at the house with her. I think he could sense that b/c he kept assuring me I would be ok and that he would go as quickly as possible. He was gone about 15 min but it felt like an hour. We survived though. Pretty quickly we had visitors and for most of the day we had visitors. It was nice to have others around but also frightening. I felt like everyone was judging me to see if I could handle it and at that moment I really didn?t feel like I could. After dinner everyone left and it was just us. We laid this amazing little girl down in her bassinet and, after a couple minutes of just staring at her, we laid down and fell asleep.


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Re: Long 2 year over due birth story!

  • What a beautiful story - thanks for sharing!!

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  • What a sweet story:). Thanks for sharing!
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