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FRG/USAF version?

This is so ridiculous lol but I watch Army Wives and the FRG's seem like so much fun, or at least something to keep me busy.  So does the Air Force have a version of the FRG? Is it drama-free? lol
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Re: FRG/USAF version?

  • Meh. Not really. The Army deploys whole united together so they use the FRG to coordinate for all the families. The AF, on the other hand, deploys single people or small groups instead of an entire squadron. 

    I'm on the board of our Officers' Spouses Club and it's sort of similar. 

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  • I oringinally answered in your other post, but I'll answer here.  There are spouse's groups in the AF.  Check them out.  Keep in mind that many of these women have known each other for years.  Just like any group of friends, it can seem clique-y from the outside looking in.  You just have to put your self out there.  Go to meetings.  Volunteer for things.  Introduce your self and strike up conversations with people.  You'll make friends soon.  There will always be people you don't mesh with.  It happens, don't let it get you down.  Keep trying. 
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  • There are Key Spouses in the Air Force who volunteer for there squdreans. And some whole units or squdreans do all go out together my DH's unit goes out all of them.  

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  • I'm in charge of coordinating a spouse social for our squadron every month--it's a lot of fun and we're always excited to see new faces.  It tends to be the same people who show up for everything, so everyone wants to talk to you if you're new :)  The squadron also has a book club, playgroup and a bible study group.  Ask around and see if there's anything like that in your squadron.  If not, get in touch with a key spouse or the commander's wife, and maybe you can get the ball rolling on something similar!

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  • How do I get in touch with a Key Spouse?
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  • I don't know about all squadrons/flights but every flight in my squadron has a recall roster and the flight key spouse, if they have one, is listed on that. You or your spouse could also contact the squadron first sergeant and ask him/her for key spouse contact information. We have two in our flight and I think five or six in our squadron. They are such amazing and dedicated ladies. If you don't have a key spouse, you can always volunteer to head that up and I'm sure you'd find a lot of grateful people willing to help you. The first sergeant would be a good resource for getting that started. Also check with the Airman and Family Readiness Center at your base - they do spouse and children activities a lot too.

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