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talk to me about an open pail

Right now I have a step can in the nursery with planet wise pail liners.  I absolutely hate it.  Because of the hinge, the liner does not stay around the edge when you drop the diaper in.  It's a PITA.  I saw this at The Container Store today:

Sorry, can't make it clicky. You can easily fold the mesh part on the top over the sides so I don't think that will be an issue.  Does anyone use a totally open pail (with a liner?) I know that airflow is good to keep stink down, but I wondered if it being totally open would be too much?  

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Re: talk to me about an open pail

  • I wouldn't use an open pail.  Sometimes I forget to put the lid back on our pail, and it starts smelling pretty bad, even if the lid hasn't been on with that batch of diapers.

    Ours has a slide-up lid. It works well.  There are also hinged lids that go on over the bag/liner, and you push a button on the top to open it up.  I sort of wish I had one like that.


  • I wouldn't use an open pail.  I have this pail with a PW wet bag liner and it works well

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  • I started with an open pail, but quickly learned that I needed a lid. Even in the NB phase when poop isn't stinky, I could smell the diaper pail down the hall. This is ours:
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  • image secondaryPULSE:

    Wow. I can't believe three people in a row said that open pails were worse for stink...

    Yeah, I've done it both ways, and if we close the lid, the stink is more concentrated, and when I open the lid, it smacks me in the face. Ew. So yeah, we have a plastic kitchen trash can with a planetwise liner and leave the lid open. By time it's washday, it's a little stinky, but nothing like leaving it closed. I think the hamper thing you picked out would work, but I'd be weary of choosing something I couldn't wipe down, but that's just me. I like being able to disinfect the pail, and on sunny days I "sun" it/air it out. No issues with stink, but that's just the way we do things.

    FWIW, this is what we use:

    (the "D" style can)

    I also haven't had any stink problems from using an open pail, and I did when we used a closed pail. It might change for me once she's no longer EBF, but for now it works much better.

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  • Hmmm....ok.  Thanks for the responses.  I really love my PW hanging wet/dry bag so maybe I will get more of those instead.  I have really limited space for a can anyway and I prefer something that looks a little nicer....which I admit is silly, but I am a glutton for it I suppose.
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  • I surprised how many people are against open pails!

    I was pretty skeptical at first so kept the lid down.  Then when we hit the solid food phase and the ammonia stink started to invade, I thought what the heck.  Wow, what a difference!  I used to practically gag every time I opened the lid the stink was so bad, but with the open pail not even a hint.  I am now a firm believer that an open lid really does cut down on the stink!

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    I prefer an open pail too.

    It's actually a laundry hamper like this:

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  • We started with closing the pail lid, then moved to leaving the small diaper drop lid open and I just recently took the lid off completely.  It is far less stinky without the lid.

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