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What to do about a snotty nose and cough

So DD has had a little bit of a snotty nose and a cough since she got her shots on Wednesday. Not sure if there is a correlation between them, so can't completely blame it on the shots. Anyway, the snot isn't coming out of her nose, but you can here it in her nose when she breathes. I've tried sucking it out, but I don't get hardly anything. Is there anything else I can do? Especially since she didn't sleep too well last night due to coughing.
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Re: What to do about a snotty nose and cough

  • little noses saline spray and then suck it out.  Do you have the hospital nose sucker?  That one is the best one. 

    Keep her tiled so it will drain.

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  • So sorry your DD is sick. DS and I have had colds all week. Its so hard listening to them breathe and cough. Pedi said first to make sure no fever (if there is call Dr right away). Otherwise, like PP said, saline drops and aspirator. Also a cool humidifier. (We don't have one so don't know if that woulkd have helped). On another post, someone recommended the Nosfrida Snotsucker so I ordered it, but found that the hospital aspirator is actually getting that stuff out. A little bit has to already be in his nose though to suck the rest out. The cough will get better - the monitor was going off 3x an hour the first couple nights due to his cough, but he only coughed twice last night. Hope she feels much better soon and that you don't catch it!
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  • We really like the Nosefrida. Also use saline drops & a humidifier. Hope your LO feels better soon!

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  • We just got back from our Pedi, ds has the same issue.  He developed it a day or two before his 2 mo shots.  So we went back today and Dr. put him on a nebulizer/albuterol treatment along with some homeopathic remedies. 
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  • Hmmm the doc told me saline drops but DON'T suck anything out. After you give the drops have LO lay down for one minute.Then either hold upright or elevate, she will eventually sneeze and all the boogies come out. This has worked every time for me. Humidifier works wonders as well.
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