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3rd Trimester

increased appetite

Anyone else notice a HUGE increase in hunger in the 3rd tri?  I have not been able to stop eating the past week and gained almost 3 pounds in one week!  I wonder if it's a growth spurt and hope it'll pass.  I'm 31 weeks and up 23 pounds now!  I don't want to gain too much more in the 3rd tri!
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Re: increased appetite

  • I was a freaking garbage can the last week. My appetite was insatiable! Its calmed down a bit now thankfully. I have already gained 20 lbs, and I really don't want to gain that much more either. 
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  • I am the total opposite. I have to look at the clock to realize it's beean awhile since I've eaten and only want tiny amounts of food. YET I have gained a whopping **40** lbs!!! Smh.
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    Since about 35 weeks I'm hungry all the time.  This is actually a welcome change for me, since I have only gained about 15 pounds and actually have to set a timer to remind me to eat. 
  • With both my pregnancies I gained more towards the end...I only gained a total of 28 with DD #1 and so far about 18 this nothing to bad...But always picked up at the end...which is normal since baby gets the biggest towards the end
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  • I'm hungry all the time but can't eat much at a time. So I eat a lot more often
  • I had a couple weeks like that here and there in 3rd tri.  It'll pass.
  • I feel like I haven't stopped eating the past 2 weeks. I'm hoping it is just a phase and it passes soon! I have already gained about 25lbs this pregnancy, which is what I gained TOTAL with my DD.
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