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Doubling Formula Checks

I'm sure this has been discussed on here before, but I don't feel like searching for it :)

Can you double formula checks?  I have two checks for Gerber that say "one coupon per purchase," and two for Enfamil that say nothing of the sorts.  I shop mainly at Martin's (a branch of Giant) where they take any manufacturer's coupons doubled- I've actually done 3 at once and they didn't notice *mwahaha*.   We also have a Wal-Mart I'm willing to shop at, I just don't get points for gas :(  What about a manufacturer's check AND a store check?  I know they would accept double checks for anything else, but formula is very expensive and a different story.  But I'm willing to do whatever I can besides stealing it haha


Re: Doubling Formula Checks

  • When I've tried to double formula checks they wouldn't take them :(
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  • I've stacked a coupon and a check before.  But you can't stack checks on checks.

    They are starting to ask for ID on the checks around here which sucks because I've traded with ladies on the boards. Your best bet is a young looking cashier. ;)

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  • I used 3 gerber checks the other day - One for 11.25, one for 4.50 and one for 2.25- all on one tub of formula. I did this at Walmart. I usually survey all the registers first and try to look for somebody who looks really young or really old.   I know that is awful, but I have had great success stacking checks with young people.
  • I used two similac checks at Target ith no issue.
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