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3rd Trimester

what would you do?

I have an opportunity to go on a little vacation, basically free, with 2 women that are great for the soul, practically like moms to me.

My hubby & i's birthing classes are on April 21st & 22nd & I would leave on Monday the 23rd for the beach.

This is my first baby. I'm 36 & have had a really easy/healthy pregnancy. My due date is May 13th, so the day I would leave I would be at @ week 37. (i actually know the conception date, so i put my due date about a week earlier then the doctors, but the measurements seem to be closer to their calculations. FOLP: Aug 7, conception day: August 17th.) I've not been around may preggers, so i don't have many stories to go off of either.

I'm seeing my doctor April 5th & will ask him if it's ok that I take an 8 hour car ride to South Carolina. A good point is the driver is a recently retired nurse.

My mom says it's a gamble you have to decide if is worth taking.

I'm not complaining, but its so attractive because I've quit working & have been home since Nov. 1st & I'm kinda bored and lonely. My husband travels a lot, works a lot and my cabin fever makes this trip seem like it would help the last few weeks not drag on so long!  I mean, what would happen if my water breaks? do i spend 8 hours in a car having contractions if i want to rush home to my hospital?

What would you do?

Feeling so blessed.
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Re: what would you do?

  • I feel your pain about wanting to get out of the house because you are so lonely but I wouldn't risk it. Maybe if it was 1 hour away but not 8. Baby is going to come when baby wants to come and if that is 1 day after you spend 8 hours in the car to get to SC then so be it. I would rather be closer to my Dr and my hospital that close to the end of my pregnancy, just in case anything were to go wrong.

    You go ahead and listen to your Mom. It's definitely a gamble that you need to think about.

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  • well, I'm 37 weeks.  While I don't feel that this baby will be coming in the next few days (at least), I wouldn't be traveling 8 hours away.  I'm not even traveling 2 hours away to a family function.  Now granted my first labor was very short so I have that in the back of my mind, but it is more important to me to feel at home with my doc and my hospital.  the best you can do is make whatever decision feels best for you.
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  • i'm also told the first baby tends to come late, but everyones an expert when they aren't in our situation right?! lol

    my hubby isn't too excited about my idea either.


    thanks ladies, thats 2 for stay! any other voters?

    Feeling so blessed.
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  • At that point, I'd vote stay too...If it were earlier I'd say go have fun.

    I'm taking a trip for a few days (34 weeks) if I feel up to it at that point... but there are a lot of hospitals along the way (I will actually be closer to a hospital at most points during the trip than if I were home)

    At the very least at 37 weeks, 8 hours each way in a car would be very uncomfortable.  Every baby/pregancy/labour/mother is different... but to me that's all the more reason to stay.  Yes, it might be fine... but is it worth risking going into labour that far away?


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  • An hour drive is one thing but 8 hours at 27 weeks no way!!   Can you go anywhere closer for a little vacay time?


  • Sorry, but I wouldn't go on an 8 hour drive so close to my due date.  And FWIW, my doctor doesn't want me to go more than an hour away at that point (and I canceled a family vacation because of it).  First, the drive will be absolutely miserable for you.  You also run a very real risk of not delivering at your home hospital and (more importantly) having your DH miss your birth.  Even as a first time mom, there's no guarantee that you'll go late or that your labor will be long.  And if I were your DH, I'd be very upset that you would run that risk.
  • I'm taking a 12 hour car ride at 36 weeks. Mapping out all hospitals along the way. Building myself a pillow haven in the backseat in case I need it and praying for the best. It's our cousins wedding.... On the beach. We are so there. 
  • My OB's office recommends no more than 1 hour away after 36 weeks.

    But, you have to make the choice that you are most comfortable with, understanding that it could mean you deliver at a different hospital while you are away. So, if you do go, bring all of your medical records.

    Personally, I would definitely not do it.

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  • I wouldn't go either. That's just too far for my comfort. Plus, I'm sure the drive would be terribly uncomfortable!!! Just sitting in the movie theater through a movie was as much as I could take last weekend. 

    Id definitely vote to stay home.  

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  • Thanks ladies! I hear ya.

    Its not even a wedding or anything major, so it's not worth the gamble. You all make great sense.

    I didn't think about it being an uncomfortable car ride either.

    I think ill stay :(

    I need to plan some cool stuff for that week, just to feel like I'm replacing it w/ fun. 

    Thanks again!!! 

    Feeling so blessed.
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