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Soaker/Shell Ratio

I have all pockets, but I thought I'd give grovia a know, just for fun Stick out tongue and it'd be nice to have the option of dispoable inserts if we travel or something. So I am wondering how many snap-in soakers you buy compared to how many shells. Thinking of buying 2-3 shells right now. So how many soakers would you suggest?
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Re: Soaker/Shell Ratio

  • While I don't have any Grovia, I do have flips, which are the same idea. I have 3 covers and 7 inserts, so I can use each cover 2-3 times. It has worked well so far.
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  • I'm adding some GroVia AI2s to my stash and if you want to reuse the shells, I'd definitely recommend making sure you get soakers that have a TPU back, as they have a mesh interior.  Otherwise, it gets wet with each change (you *can* reuse it but it makes me feel skeevy to do so).  I'm planning on having about 2 soakers per shell to start, as I can always get more.

    I'm selling some brand new GroVia shells with hook and loop if you are interested :)  I accidentally ordered the wrong ones a while back and didn't return on time... PM me if interested!~

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  • Thanks you guys, I think I'll get 2 shells and 6 inserts just to try.

    And I would totally take you up on the offer but I love my snaps. I'm bummed they're aplix :( But thanks!

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