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I might not be here long, after all. (33% rise)

Well, I just got the call from the nurse and 50 hours after being at 106, my beta is at 140.  I go back in for beta #3 on Monday.

I asked her the likelihood of it being a viable pregnancy and she said that since I "tested early" (14dpER) things might just not be rising as fast.  That sounds like bvllshit to me.  Then she went on to say that if it hadn't gotten better on Monday I'd have to keep going back for betas until it reached zero and "cleared out on its own" or "come down for a procedure."

I am beside myself right now, which can't be good for the baby (if the baby is still there).  Seriously, I'm just terrified and worried sick.

Severe MFI. Me: supposedly all clear but eggs showed vacuoles.

IVF #1 January 2012, ER Jan 14th: 34R, 27M, 23F. Day 3: 18 embies still strong. Day 5: zero "good," one "fair," the rest "poor." Transferred 3. None made it to blast or to freeze. Jan 28: BFN.

Lucky IVF #2: Transferred two beautiful day three embies on St. Patrick's Day. BFP on HPT 7dp3dt. Beta 1 (14dpER)=106; Beta 2 (16dpER)=140; Beta 3 (19dpER)=264! First u/s 4.17.

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Re: I might not be here long, after all. (33% rise)

  • I am so sorry you are having to go through this beta hell. I am praying for this being just a slow riser but a rise nonetheless on your third beta!!! ((HUGS))
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  • Oh my heart just sank. I sincerely hope it's a fluke Lynda!
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    Our surprise baby, Juliette, is due 12.8.14!

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  • I don't know about the testing early bit, but I wonder if 2 initially implanted, but only 1 is viable?  I'd hate to get your hopes up, but I'm keeping all my crossable body parts crossed that this is what's going on!  I'm so sorry you're having to linger in uncertainty for the weekend.  (((HUGE HUGS)))


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    Me = lean PCOS;DH = poor morphology (3%)
    3 IUI/TI cycles = BFN
    IVF #1 with ICSI: antagonist protocol = BFFN
    IVF #2 with ICSI : Lupron downregulation = BFFN...FML
    IVF #3 with ICSI and AH (Antagonist) = IT'S A BOY!!!!


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  • imagekelnyc:
    Oh my heart just sank. I sincerely hope it's a fluke Lynda!

    This. Thinking of you! 

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  • I'm so sorry you didn't get a better second beta, L ((BIG HUGS))

    I'll be sending lots of beta rise vibes and hoping you get a much better # on Monday. 
    TTC 12/2009
    Me: 32 - Stage II Endo / DH: 36 - Low count and morphology (1%)
    IUIs 1-3 BFN, lap Dec. 2010, IUIs 4-6 BFN
    IVF w/ICSI #1 - ER 2/8: 24R 19M 9F ET 2/13 2-5 day blasts (no frosties) = BFP - b/g twins!
    E & C Born 10/19/2012
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  • I am sorry you are in Beta hell. I never had a "normal" doubling beta. My beta's were



    #3= 398

    #4= 3,100

    I know things feel really bad right now and it was hard for me to remain hopeful too but I hope my beta's can help you know that it's not over! ((HUGS))

    Dx: PCOS, Anovulatory, Amenorrhea 2006
    TTC: Sept 2008
    IVF#1 Cancelled due to breast biopsy.05/01/20

    IVF#1.2- 9/2010 - Cancelled Oversurpressed

    IVF#2 Microdose Lupron 10/2010 Beta 11/09=BFN
    IVF#3 2/2011 - 2 blasts(2/25) Beta 03/11 =BFN
    IVF#4 Lupron 01/02 =2 blasts, beta's 1-4 198,234,398,3100!!BFP
    FET 3/2014 2 blasts BETA 3/20=BFP TWINS EDD 11/27 TEAM PINK!!!                   



  • I'm so sorry you have to go through beta hell.  And what makes it worse is having to wait over the weekend.  I really hope that everything is okay.  I have everything crossed for you.
    TTC since 12/2009
    Me: 34 Him: 40 
    Dx: Severe MFI (low count)
    IVF #1 : BFN
    IVF #2 : BFP
    2 Snowbabies
    It's a GIRL! 

    TTC #2 since 9/2014
    FET #1:  BFN
    FET #2:  BFN
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  • Oh Hun, I'm so sorry you are in beta hell. I know how miserable it can be.

    It could be a vanishing twin. I always thought that was just a long shot until it actually happened to me. So don't give up just yet.

    Hoping and praying for you and your LO. Good luck on your next beta and big hugs..
    Renee- 37 DH - Chad - 39
    2/06 - surprise pregnancy - twins
    3/06 - m/c 1st baby at 6 weeks 
    5/06 -2nd baby had no heartbeat at 14 wks.
    D&E - Bled out. Blood transfusions. Week in ICU - Cheated Death!
    Diagnosis: Blood clotting and bleeding disorder, immune issues, & cervical stenosis
    5/10 - 1st IVF cycle - BFN
    FET - 10/12/10 - BFN
    1/11 - IVF with PGD - BFN
    IVF - May - BFN
    6/11 New RE - fingers crossed!
    9/11 - IVF - 4 transferred
    10/13 - BFP!!
    It's a boy! Clint Michael, Due in June!!!

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  • Oh Lynda!!! I am so sorry this is happening.  I am praying it's just a slow start and your beta is off the chart on Monday.  IF SUCKS!!!

    After 6 long years of TTC and a traumatic birth... I finally got to hold my baby in my arms!

    'Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.'Psalm 37:4

    2006 start TTC

    2007 Start w/ RE (Endo and MFI previous marriage)/ 2008 Vericocele surgery/3 clomid cycles
    2009 Lap removed stage III endo/ 2 failed IUI/ Divorce

    2011 Remarried
    October 2011 Dx: Endo & DOR/ November 2011- clomid & TI cycle
    January 2012 IVF~  Flare protocol 10 ER/ 9 mature fertilized with ICSI/ ET- 2 Grade A Blasts/ 4 frozen= BFN
    Febuary 2012- -Endo Biopsy/  MTHFR diagnosis
    March 8- FET 2 grade A blasts= BFP!!!!

    November 2012-  Charles was born by emergency C-Section

    Dealing with:
    Stage III Endo/ DOR/ MTHFR two mutations C677T & A1298C

    Currently TTC #2  FET planned January 2014

  • imagekelnyc:
    Oh my heart just sank. I sincerely hope it's a fluke Lynda!

    This! I am so thinking about you and hoping for good news on your next visit.

    Me: 28, DH: 29
    DX: DOR & major hormone imbalances; DH low motility
    4 Clomid cycles + Trigger = BFN
    2 Femara cycles + Trigger + IUI = BFN
    IVF 7R,5F; ET cancelled - high P4; Froze 3
    FET transferred 2 beautiful embies!
    Beta #1 - 2,353! Beta #2 - 5,000! It's TWINS!
    Hayden River & Connor Jackson born at 34 weeks on October 19, 2012!
  • Oh Lynda!!!  I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this!  Hoping beyond hope that this is one of the scenarios mentioned by PP or some other beta fluke!  Over the past few weeks, I've spent WAY too much time obsessively reading over beta-related articles, board posts, etc -- there is definitely still a good chance that you remain in the game!  Fingers crossed for you...and sending all sorts of mind-clearing, relaxing vibes your way.  Hang in there, lady!!!  (((HUGS)))
    TTC since honeymoon in 9/2010
    Me: 39, Dx DOR (FSH = 10.5, AMH = 0.43, best AFC = 10), AMA
    MH: 37, Dx Obstructive Azoospermia, multiple successful sperm retrieval procedures

    1/2012: IVF/ICSI #1 Antagonist = cancelled d/t poor response to max stims
    2/2012: IVF/ICSI #2 MDLF (4R, 4M, 1F) = BFP, saw heartbeat, missed m/c 9w0d, D&E
    8/2012: IVF/ICSI #3 EPP/MDLF (7R, 2M, 1F) = BFN

    12/2012: (New RE) Operative hysteroscopy to remove scar tissue

    1/2013: IVF/ICSI #4 Low-dose stim/Antagonist (AFC=6); ER=1/26 (5R-couldn't access rt ovary, 5M, 4F), ET=1/29 (trans 3) = BFP!; 2/11 beta#1(13dp3dt)=2127, 2/13=3367; twin girls due 10/19/13

    PAIF/SAIF very welcome!

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  • No no no no, you belong here damnit! So many T&Ps headed your way. ((hugs))

    Dx: DH - Azoo, Me - Mild PCOS
    DH - sperm found! Seems to produce only for a few days every 70 days!
    Over 1 million in cryo in 15 vials over 6 samples
    IVF #1 - 1 beautiful expanded blast transferred, 4 snowbabies - beta #1 11/30/11 = BFFN
    FET #1, transfered 2 embies 2/16/12 = BFFN; 1 snowbaby left in cryo
    IVF #2 + CGH = 4 genetically normal embies on ice. FET September 26th
    SAIF/PAIF always welcome

    a special GL and prayers to my IF sister Gregermis

    check out my blog!

  • I am so sorry. Please try not to panic. You are in my thoughts.
    Six years of infertility and loss, four IUIs, one IVF and one very awesome little boy born via med-free birth 10.24.13.
  • So sorry...I will keep you in my prayers (((hugs)))
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  • I'll be praying for you. Good luck on Monday.

    Severe endo & fibroids, IVF #1 BFP with twins, Gabriel Mark (5/20/12) & Zachary David (5/24/12)- said goodbye to my two angels at 17 weeks due to pprom. Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

    IVF#2 FET 9/24, Beta #1 10/3...

    My Blog: http://theunfixableme.blogspot.com/

  • I'm so sorry you have to deal with beta hell and wait it out until Monday.  You'll be in my T&Ps for a solid beta #3. As PPs have mentioned, it could be a vanishing twin. Hang in there. ((HUGS)) 

    Aug 11 - Nov11: IUI #1,2,3 & 4 BFN
    Jan 12: IVF #1 - BFP!
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  • imageNMscubagirl:
    No no no no, you belong here damnit! So many T&Ps headed your way. ((hugs))


    This and everything else that's already been said!!! I hope you get some great news on Monday sweetie!!!!

    2/11 Diagnosis: DOR-AMH .62, LPD and MFI-4% Morph
    IVF #1-July 2011 7/9/11-Started Stims
    7/20/11-ER:No eggs in 4/5 follicles. Left the 5th follie intact and converted to an IUI
    8/3/11-Beta #1=BFN,
    Nov, 2011 BFP #1=m/c at 7 wks 3 days
    11/11-AMH .47, IVF #2 March 2012...or not!! Surprise BFP on 2/19. Beta #1=161. Beta #2 305 Our little miracle girl is on her way! Due Oct 29, 2012
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  • I'm praying for a good result!
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  • Sending as many good thoughts and doubling vibs as I can.  I hope that it is just a fluke and that you will be around here for a long time.
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  • Keri g my fingers crossed for you hun!

    Retrieval - 33 Eggs, 29 Fertilized, 14 Frosties
    IVF #1 - 3/17/2011 - 2 Blasts

    3/31/2011 - Beta #1 - 395 BFP
    4/04/2011 - Beta #2 - 1458
    4/8/2011 - Ultrasound - little bean measures 5wks 2dys
    4/9/2011 - Confirmed miscarriage
    FET #1 - 6/23/2011 - 2 blasts (already hatching)

    7/7/2011 - Beta #1 - BFN
    FET #2 - 8/18/2011 - 2 blasts

    9/1/2011 - Beta #1 - BFN
    Second Hysteroscopy - 9/15/2011

    Uterine Septum Found and Removed
    FET #3 - 11/23/2011 - 3 blasts, 1 already hatching

    12/7/2011 - Beta #1 - 193 BFP
    12/8/2011 - Beta #1.5 - 320
    12/9/2011- Beta #2 - 454
    12/16/2011- 2nd Miscarriage
    FET #4 - 3/1/2012 4 blasts

    3/12/2012 - Beta #1 454 BFP
    3/15/2012 - Beta #2 1520
    3/19/2012 - Beta #3 5000 plus
    3/20/2012 - Ultrasound #1 Triplets
    6/11/2012 - Expecting 2 Boys
    10/01/2012 - Welcome to the world Bryce and Charlie
    PAIF & SAIF Always Welcome Lilypie Premature Baby tickers
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  • I'm so sorry Lynda. I am keeping you and your lo's in my t&p. Maybe its vanishing twin syndrome. Try and remain as calm as you can. I know what it feels like and I know it is easier said then done. Please take care of yourself and keep the faith. Hugs 
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  • I am so sorry sweets.  I really hope you just have a slow starter cooking away.  ((hugs))
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  • I'm sorry you're dealing with this.  I hope the next beta is great and puts all doubt to rest!
    IVF #3 = Feb 2012
    beta#1 3/21 (14dp3dt)=413, beta#2 3/23 (16dp3dt)=785, u/s 4/11
    EDD 11/25/12
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  • My heart just sank straight to the floor.  This is not the news any of us want to hear.  Sending every positive sticky thought your way.  Many, many hugs and positive thoughts for you and your LO. 

    Countless BFN(s)
    Moving to IVF

    IVF1 (ICSI): Long Lupron
    6R. 3F. 3DT. 8Cell 1Grade 2Embies. 1Frostie.
    Beta 1/22: 14 Beta 1/24: 24 Beta 1/26: 28
    Round One Result: Chemical Pregnancy

    Pressing Forward

    IVF2 (ICSI/AH/ACU): Microdose Lupron Flare
    13R. 11F. 5DT. 2TFR'ed. 1Frostie.
    Round Two Result 4/30: Harsh BFN

    FET. 2TFR'ed.
    Round Three Result 6/25: BFN
    Where do we go from here?

    Moving forward with CCRM in 2013
    ODWU revealed blocked tube(s). Lap 2/15.
    Bilateral Tubal Ligation. Stage IV Endo.
    Finally some (tough) answers.

    IVF3 (ICSI/CCS): Antagonist with EPP
    13R. We have 3 CCS Normal Embryos!

    Lupron Depot: May 2013 to August 2013
    Long awaited FET on 9/3. 2TFR'ed.
    BFP on FRER 5dp5dt: IN SHOCK!
    Beta1 9/10: 152.7! Beta2 9/12: 378! Beta3 9/14: 1224! 

    1st ultrasound 10/1: TWO beautiful heartbeats!  Overjoyed!

  • I'm so sorry you didn't get a more reassuring number, I'm still very hopeful for you  ((hugs))

    TTC since 2010

    lots of IUIs and 1 IVF all BFNs

    FET currently on hold

    photo guiness-1.jpg

  • Lurking here for your update. Sweetie I'm sorry to hear that this is happening. I'm praying for you and for your baby to stick around! Try not to worry yet, though I'm sure thats way easier said than done. <3!
  • I read this update earlier from my phone and my first thought was hoping with all hope that there were two in there and one wasn't taking.

    I'm so sorry that you have to wait the weekend, this is just not fair. Many prayers for peace to you and your husband.


    "I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted what I asked of him." ~1 Samuel 1:27
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    "Whatever it takes, we walk together." ~Pittsburgh Penguins
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  • FX for you.
    Me (33)& DX: DOR, FSH-20.3; DH(28):SA=normal 8/11 HSG= clear!
    IUI #1 10/12/11 (Bravelle + HCG + Prometrium & acupuncture) = 10/26 BFP! Beta #1=250, Beta #2= 615. 1st u/s 11/8. image Visit The Nest! Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • FX for you and sending doubling beta vibes to you!
    TTC since 10/2008  RE consult 6/2010 Dx:Unexplaied IF

    Failed multiple cycles of Clomid+TI and Clomid+IUI

    3/2011 inj+IUI #1 BFP. 4/2011 missed m/c. 

    Fall 2011 inj+IUI #2&3 BFN

    Jan/Feb 2012 IVF#1 BFP 2/23  EDD 10/31/2012 ~~~ Halloween ~~~

    Our IVF miracle, Baby Boy M, arrived on 11/8/2012!
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  • Hugs,  I really hope u have a positive outcome.
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  • imagelimpetfan:

    I don't know about the testing early bit, but I wonder if 2 initially implanted, but only 1 is viable?  I'd hate to get your hopes up, but I'm keeping all my crossable body parts crossed that this is what's going on!  I'm so sorry you're having to linger in uncertainty for the weekend.  (((HUGE HUGS)))


      Hoping this is the case.  Be kind to yourself this weekend.  Hugs!
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  • I am so sorry to hear that you are in this place right now. I am sending you tons of good thoughts and hoping it continues to go up. FX for you! I know it's impossible, but do your best to relax and get through the next couple of days until you get a definitive answer.

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  • ccamccam member
    Keeping my fingers crossed that all is ok.  Hugs to you!!


    Trying for #1 since May 2010   l   DX ~ Unexplained Infertility June 2011

    IUI #1&2 = BFN; IUI #3 = BFP, m/c @ 6 weeks

    November '11 ~ IVF#1 ~ ER 11/18 (29R, 17F) ~ 5dt of one beautiful blast on 11/23 = BFP!!

    Beta #1 9dp5dt = 116, P4 = 28 ~ Beta #2 13dp5dt = 700 ~ Beta #3 20dp5dt = 9500, P4 = 26

    1st u/s 12/27 - hb of 156!! EDD 8.10.12 :)   **TEAM GREEN!**

    Sweet baby boy born 8.18.12

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    Trying for #2

    FET #1 - October '13 - c/p   l   FET #2 - December '13 - cancelled :(   l   FET #2.2 - 1.30.14 - BFN

    ~ More testing - hysteroscopy, endometrial biopsy & more b/w - all normal / negative~

    Surprise BFP while waiting on FET #3 ~ beta #1 500; beta #2 1600; first u/s 4/3 - measuring 5w5d, no hb yet!; 2nd u/s 4/10 - hb 132, measuring 6w6d - EDD 11.29.14 :)    **TEAM GREEN!**

    Beautiful baby girl born 11.24.14

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  • Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and sending you lots of growing vibes...


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  • don't give up just yet lynda. it's not bullsht what the nurse said. if you tested early and it was a late implanter you could still definietly have a chance. will definetly be praying for you!!!
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  • I am so sorry to hear this!  Big hugs to you, and my fingers are crossed.
    TTC#1 since July '10. DH: Borderline Morph. Me: age 33. Hypothyroidism.
    FSH #1: 10.9 (E2 80.7). FSH #2: 11.8 (E2 72.6). FSH #3: 9.1 (E2 36)
    AMH: 2.6. AFC: ranges 9-21. HSG: clear. SHG: normal.
    After 3 failed TI cycles, 3 failed IUI cycles, a couple of c/ps, we got our sticky baby on IUI #4 (first with injects).
    Feb '12 Clomid/Menopur/Ganirelix/IVIL/Heparin/Acupuncture + IUI #4= BFP!
    Baby girl born at 34 weeks on 10/16/12
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  • Oh I'm so sorry Linda!  I hope that it is just a slow riser.  FX!
    TTC since Jan. 2010 DX Unexplained infertility
    3 IUI's w/Clomid & Ovidrel=all BFNs
    3 IVF (2 Fresh, 1 frozen) =BFN
    Jan 2012 New RE & Fresh Cycle =BFP!
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    TTC #2 October 2014
    Meet with RE March 2015
    2 Frozen & 1 Fresh IVF= BFNs
    September 2015 Frozen ET=BFP!

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  • fingers crossed for you lynda.

    ~after 34 cycles we finally got our 2nd little bundle of joy~
    My IF blog
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  • I just hate this Lynda.  I'm so sorry.  My heart breaks for you because I know the feeling of being terrified and worried sick.  :(  I wish I could do something -- anything -- to help you.  You are loved by so many here.  Lots of thoughts and prayers are with you.  Big hugs.
    Baby girl Lila born 2013.
    Baby boy Henry born 2015.
    Expecting our capstone baby (boy) early March 2018.
  • Really, really hoping that the nurse isn't bvllshtting you, and that this is just a crazy fluke. Hang in there! T&P for you and that precious baby!
    me 26 / DH 29
    TTC#1 since 5/2010 (charting, AO)
    2/2011: DX: PCOS, hypothyroid (1700 mg Metformin, 50 mcg Synthroid)
    8/10/2011: First RE appt.
    9/2011 & 10/2011: Clomid + Ovidrel + TI = BFN
    11/2011: Femara + Ovidrel + TI = BFN
    1/2012: Femara + Follistim + Ovidrel + TI = BFP! (Praise the Lord!)
    ?3/23/2012: Graduated from the RE... moving on to a regular OB!?
    ?10/29/2012: Our precious baby boy was born via emergency C-section. 5 lbs, 13 oz; 18" long ?

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