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Talk to me about Moby wraps

MIL offered to buy me a Baby Bjorn. She's a little late - I got an only-been-used-once BB from a friend a few months ago. I'd love to have a different type of carrier, maybe one less structured than the BB. I've been thinking about getting a Moby for a while - I like the idea of Hubster and I both being able to use it without having to adjust a bunch of straps every time we switch, and the different options of ways to hold baby. But, with our finances right now I can't justify the cost. Now that MIL is offering to buy, I might ask her for a Moby instead. Those of you who have Mobys - do you like it? Why? Why not? Is it worth it to get one, or should I look into a different carrier?

Re: Talk to me about Moby wraps

  • The Moby is great for newborns.  I do worry about it being too warm now that the weather is heating up.  It all depends what you want to use it for.  If you're looking at wearing the baby out and about you might want to look at a lighterweight wrap.  The Wrapsody bali Stretch is similar to the Moby although lighterweight and less stretchy.  It will also allow you to wear the baby in this wrap longer since it's not as stretchy.  I also just invested in the Wrapsody bali breeze.  It isn't a stretch wrap but it's very cool for summer.  It is guaze which isn't quite as good for a beginner since you have to be more precise in your wrapping.  Also, a ring sling would be a good simmer investment.
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  • I would say no to the Bjorn. They are what is known as a "crotch dangler". In a proper carry, baby's knees should be above his bum. In a Bjorn this is not the case. It isn't good for baby's development and they aren't comfortable for many parents. If you want a SSC, Ergo or Beco are great brands. In terms of wraps,  Moby is a fine option for a newborn but because they are stretchy, baby starts to sag too much for comfort at around 15lbs. I adore wrapping, but I use a woven wrap. Woven wraps are much more expensive than a Moby, but they will give you so much more use. Would your MIL be open to buying a used carrier for you? That way you could get something of good quality but stay nearer to the Bjorn $ range.
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