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biting with BF could I be pg?

So my LO is 11 mo and has been biting me while BF today. He has bit me in the past but not since he was around 6 mo old. I yelled "ow" and "no" and he never did it again until today. I was wondering if any of you BF mommas had a LO that started biting with nursing and then you found out you were pregnant?There is a good possibility I could be pg but am not due for AF for another week. I know it could just be a phase as he does seem disinterested in nursing at times or maybe he is telling me he is ready to wean soon. Just curious is anyone had a biter and then found out they were pregnant??
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Re: biting with BF could I be pg?

  • I've never heard of this before. Big Smile  I have to do some research.


  • Yeah I guess the only correlation with BF and pregnancy I have read about, is baby will start to refuse or wean because the taste of the milk changes related to the hormones. Its just strange since he literally hasn't bit me in almost 6 months.
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  • If AF is still a week off, your hormones have not change enough to alter your milk. Hanes are, implantation has not happened or happened in the last day or so. No chance for a dramatic hormone rise or impact on milk. 
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    I highly doubt that's why he's biting you. 

    DD went thought three biting phases from 6-12m and I'm not knocked up. I almost quit during the last was every time, several times. I found that the only way to stop it was to totally ignore her. Giving her any attention at all when she bit, especially saying "ow" or "no!", just enticed her to do it again for the reaction. Littlejerk. Thankfully, she outgrew it. ;)

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    I just cannot imagine there is a correlation. If you are pregnant, I think it's a coincidence.


    This.  My LO bites me occasionally and I'm positive that I'm not pregnant. 

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