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Weekly Prayer Request Check-In (3/29/12)

Hi Ladies!

 I'm so sorry for leading this so late! Work has been crazy busy but I haven't forgotten about any of you. Since my work is getting ridiculously busy, can anyone volunteer to lead next week?

For those new (and lurking) on the board, every Monday (usually) we have a prayer request check-in. It's open to everyone (religious, spiritual, whatever) and all religions. Even if you're not religious/spiritual but would like people to keep you in their thoughts, we'll do that as well.

You can post your prayer request (for you, family, friends, or just anyone really) and a praise report (What happened that was good? A new job? A good doctor's appointment? Even getting out of bed is worthy to be praised!).

We all take turns leading and sometimes share scripture. If there's a scripture you want to share, please post it! 

Today's quote comes from Charles Mueller:

?To learn strong faith is to endure great trials. I have learned my faith by standing firm amid severe testings.? ~ Charles Mueller

I have to constantly remind myself of this. You never hear about strong people going through life unscathed, right? They have gone through some really awful things but no matter how hard it was, no matter how depressing and challenging it became, they survived. We are survivors. We can and will pull through this together.

Board Prayer Requests:

For all of the pregnant rainbow mamas: I pray you have uneventful pregnancies! There are so many of you now, it gives me a lot of hope!

For the rainbow mamas: I know a few of you don't post here as much as you used to (you have new little ones keeping you busy!) and I just want to say thank you for sharing your story and giving a lot of us hope.

For the new Angel Mamas: I'm just so, so sorry you have to be on this board. I wish you peace and healing as you begin the grieving process.

For all Angel Mamas: Thank you for your overwhelming love and support. Even during my darkest days, you ladies have been my saving grace. I just love and appreciate all of you.

For our angel babies: I know all of our angels are in Heaven playing and getting to know each other. What a wonderful place they are at! I look forward to the day and join our children and play with them.

Last week's prayer requests:

Chels1222: How was this past week for you? With many of us, the resuming normalcy is probably the most difficult part and sometimes you want to the world to stop because you're in pain. Be glad you've made it through a tough week! The first few weeks are the hardest but it does get easier. How's your daughter doing?

nuttycoconut: How were the conferences last week? I hope it wasn't too bad! I'm glad you and DH are reconnecting with your TTC time. That is always such a blessing to hear! Even though I hate that we're on here together, I'm glad we connected in a different way.

ehlersm: How are you doing? What have you been up to?

irichmond86: Did you go in for your appointment? How did it go? It's also very good news that you're having more good days than bad! We're in the same boat together (well, we all are) but for those wondering, irichmond and I lost our sweet boys a day apart.

careyalis: How was the first day back to school? I know your kids missed you so much and I hope there wasn't too much anxiety! Congrats on the pictures! They really are just simply beautiful and thank you so much for sharing them with me.

For my prayer requests and praise reports. I like my veggies before my dessert:

Prayer request: DH and I have temporarily stopped therapy because of the cost and we're still awaiting approval from insurance. Hopefully we can get approved soon so we can resume therapy. I pray that our finances straighten out so can proceed with therapy.

Praise Report: Normally I would complain about how busy and swamped my job is (I'm a legal secretary) but I'm so glad it is. It's been a great distraction. Tomorrow, DH and I are going to the aquarium and  I'm so excited!!!

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Re: Weekly Prayer Request Check-In (3/29/12)

  • Hi ladies been a bumpy week full of emotions. I pray that you all are doing well! I would like to start with my praise.Praise:This week I have experienced more good days that bad. I been able to face some of my fears of been ok in different social situations. Like visiting a friend who had her little one the day. Before my we lost our little one. Feel like I can actually accomplish things in the day.Prayer request:I really would appreciate prayers for a positive doctors appointment on Monday. It has been something that has been constantly. I have been carrying around the fears of there being something wrong bc the last time we were there it wasn't what we were expecting. I also ask that my DH and I will continue to be able to communicate on feelings and fears. I also ask that for our friends find away of being able to be there for us without them feeling like they can't just be their selfs around us. It makes it even harder to keep going when there is a big elephant in the room. I was ask that all angel and rainbow moms find comfort and support here as I have.
  • Thanks for checking in, Foxxy.  I only worked up the courage to call for an appointment Tuesday and unfortunately they can't get me in until May 8!  I was so disappointed.  (I may have even tried to talk DH into getting started a little early... like before we go for our appointment... but he's the rational one in this marriage). 

    Prayer request this week is for better communication with DH.  We've really been struggling with this lately and I don't want this aspect of our relationship, although a big one, to change what we have overall.  So I guess I would pray that God put in both of our hearts to be more patient and understanding with each other and give us the courage to feel comfortable sharing our pain with each other.

    PRAISE REPORT THIS WEEK!!!  The tough little guy in my class who has been a challenge for me ALLLL year is finally getting the outside supports he needs to become more successful in the classroom!!!!  This may sound like no big deal to some of you, but to anyone who is a teacher and knows how hard it can be to get the kids we care so deeply about the support that they need, it's huge!  So happy for him... and also so happy for me and the rest of the kids in my class!  It's really been weighing on me that I haven't been able to help him in the ways that I want to so I'm glad that God has put someone in his life who can help with that!

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  • Praise Report:  Hey everyone.  We have made it two weeks now and I did have a couple of successful hours each day where I got work done! I also took my daughter to both her dance and library classes which I was really anxious about going to.  The dance went well but the library was not as successful. My husband also made it through his first full week back and I have to congratulate him on being back to work fairly successfully.

    Prayer Request: Please pray that the appraisal for our house comes back again soon.  We were suppose to close yesterday (Thursday) and the appraisal came back with an error on it on the last day the appraiser had to do it (20.5 days and they had 21 days).  It has been 3 days now and the appraiser still hasn't unmarked one box and resigned it.  Once that happens we close 48 hours later.  My DH and I really need to close next week due to his work schedule for the month of April or I am doing the move without him (luckily we do have family that will drive a couple of hours to come help me but I could still use my DH as he is the muscles and my emotional rock during this time)

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  • My prayer request is simple Please give me the strengh to get through today as it is the 6 month angelversary of losing my sweet Sydney.

    Also I am in the 2 ww so a BFP would be awesome too but I am not going to push my luck!!

    I also want to say I am so sorry to all of the new moms who are joining us daily. It sucks to be a part of this group but to see more mommys join hurts so much. Hugs to them all!!

    Love you ladies!!


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  • nuttycoconut: How were the conferences last week? I hope it wasn't too bad! I'm glad you and DH are reconnecting with your TTC time. That is always such a blessing to hear! Even though I hate that we're on here together, I'm glad we connected in a different way.

     Thank you for asking!  Conferences were a bit rough as work is in general this school year. Remember that student who asked me where the babies were and said I promised to bring them to visit? Her mom actually said, "I'm sorry for your loss. It was too hard for me to tell my daughter about it so she doesn't know." So I said, "Well she definitely asked about the babies and it was also difficult for me to tell her when I was unprepared for it in the middle of class, so now she knows."  Her mom just said, "Oh, ok." Thanks lady. So it was too hard for you so you had to make me do it. Nice.Angry

    But thank you for the prayers and thanks to ehlers and irishmond for your advice/well wishes about conferences because I did appreciate you both responding!

     Prayer request: My EDD is one week from today on April 9. I'm just hoping I'll be able to get through the next week as well as I possibly can.

     Praise report: I went to a new support group last week and really enjoyed the group of people I met. I'm hoping that this will lead to an IRL friend since sometimes I feel a bit disconnected from my group of friends because most of them have kids.

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    IVF #1 BFP b/g twins!; loss at 23 weeks due to I.C. and PTL. IVF #2 BFP 5/26/12; due date 2/6/13; TAC surgery 7/20/12, blessed with another girl & boy! 

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