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PT readiness

What is an appropriate time to start PT?  What are some signs?  My DD (27months) only tells me once in awhile when she does #2 and never for #1.    I'm reading all these posts on PT and I feel so over-whelmed my this experience.  Any training methods?

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    If you read Lora Jensen's 3-day potty training, she recommends starting at 22 months. She also suggests that "signs of readiness" really aren't necessary. We started shortly after DSs 2nd birthday and had really good success. We did introduce him to a potty prior to that - had it in the bathroom and he would sometimes sit on it when we went, etc. Read a lot of potty books and watched the Elmo potty video a couple times before we officially started too. The 3-day method is really a potty bootcamp. That's your entire focus for the weekend. All my friends that have tried it have had similar success. I recommend looking into it if you're interested in getting started.
  • Hi JM!

    My son is 21 months, and I thought he might have been ready b/c he would tell us when he would poop, sometimes even before he pooped! But he would never ever tell us when he peed and that made me nervous!

    But Yale also told me about the 3 day potty training by Lora Jensen and I checked it out.  We started yesterday, and it was a nightmare!  DS cried constantly and was what I thought was in fear of peeing.  But I stayed calm and positive and kept reassuring him that it was okay- even the accidents.  I'm happy to report that half way through day 2 today it has been much better!  He told me when he had to poop and altough it took a while of sitting on the potty, he finally did it!  This morning started with two accidents but finishing in the potty, and just now he actually told me had to go by squirming and holding himself and when I asked if he had to go he said yes!  So off we went and for the first time ever we got all the pee in the potty and nothing in his undies or on the floor!!! 

    I highly recommend checking out the site and purchasing the booklet.  While I'm not following it to a T b/c I found with DS he needed to sit on the potty longer than she suggested to get his first pee in and build his confidence, and we did put a pull-up on at night, it's been working so far! 

    It can't hurt to try and if it doesn't work you can always stop and try again in a month or so, but take it from me- stick it out the first few days b/c it will pay off!!!  GL

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