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Potty Regression?!

So we've recently tested the waters, so to speak, with PTing DD (2 years old). We've had a couple 'underwear only' days where she's had zero success and many accidents (obviously). We don't make a big deal out of it, tell her to pee on the potty and tell us when she needs to go, we change her underwear and get her to help wipe up the mess, and then we all move on.  But since then, DS (4 years old on Friday) has had 2 pee accidents!!  We PT'd him last summer and once we felt he was fully trained, after about a week, he hasn't had a single accident. So obviously these accidents, while we're at home and have access to toilets, are a little confusing. Has anyone experienced Potty regression in an older LO while they were training a younger LO? I really didn't expect this from him. 

It obviously seems intentional, but I don't understand why. DD gets no special attention when she has an accident, and he doesn't either (now that he's had 2). I just tell him to put his dirty clothes in his hamper and put on new ones, and otherwise ignore it. He's also never shown real signs of jealousy when it comes to DD, so for him to even be jealous of the PTing "attention" would be new for him. 

Is this normal? 

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Re: Potty Regression?!

  • I haven't had that same situation, but DD1 has regressed many times in the 2 years that she's been potty trained.  She trained her self in a day when she was 2yrs3mos.  She just got up one day and decided that's where she'd pee and poop.  About 6-7 months later we moved across country and she totally regressed for 1-2 months.  About 8 months after that we told her she was going to be a big sister and she totally regressed for a month or so.  When I started getting very big and uncomfortable (maybe around the time DD could feel the baby moving in my tummy), she did it again, but mainly just at school- every single day.  Baby came last week and she spent the week peeing in her pants.  So, every time her world gets out of whack she regresses.  It's normal and just about the most frustrating thing in the world.  Over the weekend I told her she couldn't go to her friend's birthday party if she peed in her pants.  It worked, but I realized that I need to put a more positive spin on it.  If it happens again (I'm sure it will) I'm going to implement a sticker chart.  Maybe 5 dry days = a trip to the cupcake store.  
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  • My only guess would be the attention thing.  While you don't see it as your DD getting attention, you are spending more time with her even if it is just cleaning up the mess.  My older DD had more accidents when her little sis was training.  I ended up doing some of the same potty rewards with my older DD to help with the attention stuff (DD#2 got 1 Skittle for pee and 5 for poop since she had a really hard time with that and we would give DD a few SKittles at night if she had no accidents).
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    I agree with the pp. When I potty trained my youngest, he earned 1 m&m for pee, 2 for poop and his brothers each got one... they encouraged him to use the potty too! But last weekend, to get attention he peed on the floor twice. We are relocating and my husband is gone during the week, so he is use to having so much attention from me and the two times I was talking to daddy he peed.
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