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XP: Baby Led Weaning and daycare Question

We just started this 2 weeks ago and so far DD seems to like exploring food. We try to give her as many opportunities (breakfast/lunch/dinner) as we can but with her early bedtime (6:30) that isn't always possible.

1. If you have LO in daycare are you sending food yet? When did you start?

2. If your little one is older and actually eating -- when did the transition from playing to eating happen? I realize it will vary among babies.

Re: XP: Baby Led Weaning and daycare Question

  • I can't answer your first question, but I would say that just in the last week has dd started ingesting more than she throws on the floor.  So, after almost 2 mos of trying off and on. 
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  • We did a mix of purees and BLW. She eats breakfast and lunch at daycare, and until she was about 9.5 months we sent purees for her there and did BLW at home and on the weekends. She did also get Cheerios and puffs at daycare. I just wasn't comfortable sending 'real' food because I know the DCP can't watch her like a hawk when she's eating like we do at home. At about 9.5 months we gave them the okay to eat whatever they were serving the other kids.

    DD has always been a pretty good eater. It wasn't long after she was 6 months that I thought she was pretty good at actually ingesting her food. 

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  • I answered you on 6-9, but to recap here, from the time he was 6 months old, we'd send whatever we'd feed at home.  The first day, for example was banana and some roasted potato.

    Then the DC said I could circle options from their menu (they're infant through kinder care) and they'd let him try those things, so I circled nearly everything and he gets a wide variety there, which I looooove.

    He has started really, really eating in the last 2 weeks.  It took about 4-5 weeks of experimenting (we started around 5 1/2 months).

    GL :)

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