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Pregnancy after LEEP procedure anyone?

This is my 1st pregnancy and I'm at 8 weeks now. I'm due beginning of November. Two years ago, I had the LEEP procedure to remove abnormal cervical cells. Thanks God every Pap after the procedure has been normal. I've heard women deliver 2 weeks earlier due to the LEEP procedure since part of my cervix is gone. Anyone else here had the LEEP procedure? Just wondering if it complicates things later in preganancy.

Also this has been the easiest pregnancy. I've never thrown up or have never been nauseous as well. No weird cravings. I actually don't feel different at all from being pregnant. I know I'm very lucky.

Any thoughts about pregnancy after the LEEP procedure would be helpful. Thanks!

Re: Pregnancy after LEEP procedure anyone?

  • I had a LEEP done several years ago. My OB said it would be something we would watch. She said it is possible that I would go early or she said that depending on how much scar tissue I have my cervix could have trouble opening and I could need a C-section. She did not seem too concerned, just said we would watch.

    Question: Have you had any cramping? I've had cramping and not bleeding and was attributing it to the LEEP.


  • I had a LEEP back in 2000, when I was 20.  Times have changed and they only do them on women that young under dire circumstances now.  Anyway, there are three things that can happen in pregnancy after a LEEP. 

    1. Absolutely nothing. 

    2. If they took a lot of tissue, you may develop a short cervix.  If this happens, a few things may result.  You may be put on light duty or bed rest (and pelvic rest).  You'll have frequent vaginal u/s's to check for cervical length as well as fFN's to determine the chance you'll go into labor in the next 2 weeks.  Depending on when this is discovered, you may be put on progesterone suppositories or 17-OHP shots.  You may or may not deliver early.  Some women with really short cervices deliver at term.  Some deliver very early.  It's hard to predict.  This was me.  I was already on bedrest for something else.  I was induced at 36 weeks so I have no idea how much longer I would have made it.

    3. You'll make it to term.  You'll be in labor or being induced or whatever.  Your cervix will stay shut, but will get very, very thin.  Some bright resident, nurse, doctor will realize you had a LEEP and say Aha!  In this case, you have scar tissue that is preventing your cervix from dilating.  A provider will then, ahem, try to stretch your cervical os open.  This is not very comfortable.  But you'll find you suddenly go from 1cm to 7cm or so.  If no one figures this out, you'll be sitting there at 1cm for forever with a very thin cervix, suddenly feel a pop, and then you'll be like 7cm. 

     Best of luck for #1.

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  • I had several LEEPs a few years back (actually, every 6 months for a couple of years).  It didn't cause any problems.  I was induced 2 weeks early for other reasons, and ended up with a c-section for something else completely unrelated.  They take so little during a LEEP, no need to worry yourself.
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  • I don't have any answers for you, but wanted to say welcome and I hope you have a happy & healthy 9 months :)

    Were you an Alpha Phi? I was! 

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  • I had a LEEP as well as a colposcopy (sp?) between 19 and 21.  I did not have issues with my first pregnancy, although I had to have a csection at 37 because Alex was frank breech and actually got his butt stuck in my pelvis and engaged my cervix.  I was dialated to a 4 and 80% effaced before they did the surgery.  So It doesn't seem to have effected me.  We'll see if what happens this time around.
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  • Thanks! Yes I'm an Alpha Phi from UC Irvine.
  • I had the leep done about 10 years ago when I was 19.  I was told that I might need a cerclage during the second trimester but they are going to wait and see. I am also due at the beginning of November! What is your due date?
  • I got a LEEP procedure done about 2 years ago as well. My doctor said that there is a chance that you might not go to term but he said he's never seen it. He said he can put a stitch in the cervix to hold it shut if need be.


  • Originally they said I was due on November 10th, but after measuring the baby at 7 weeks, they moved it up to November 4th. Their estimate of 11/10 was probably wrong anyways because they base it on a 28 day menstrual cycle. My cycle is super short at 22-23 days.

     My husband is suppose to go out of town 2 weekends before I'm due, so I hope I don't deliver early.

    So far no cramps or pain at all during this pregnancy. I'm glad I'm not throwing up at all. I feel great! This has been really easy so far. I don't feel pregnant at all.

    My only complication was going to the ER at week 6 for light RED vaginal bleeding. It scared me because I thought I was miscarrying. It ended up being fine, and the bleeding stopped no problems.

    My husband and I love eating sweets more than anything. It would be hilarious if we delivered early and had a Halloween Baby! LOL! =)

  • I had two leep procedures and a colposcopy several years ago. I am currently 38 weeks with my first and my doctor told me this week that I was not as far along as the other doctor had told me (I go to a large practice). She said that I was actually only 1 cm when the other doctor had told me that I was 3 cm. She also informed me that I was at a higher risk of needing a c-section because it felt like I had a lot of scar tissue. This was never mentioned to me before I had any of the procedures or during my pregnancy. I was a little more than shaken when I left the appointment. I am going back this week to discuss my options now that I have calmed down. Wish me luck.
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