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I remember you posting a while back that you were surprised that your ds2 was diagnosed with autism. I'm in the same situation, kind of. One of my id boys has an asd diagnosis and the other has no signs that I can see. When we brought ds1 to his asd f/u, they suggested we get ds2 evaluated since they are Id twins.

 Did your ds2 have any asd signs that you can remember? I guess if he gets diagnosed I would welcome the therapy, but I can't help but feel bad that I didn't notice it before. 

How is ABA working with both boys?is it at home or in a center? Sorry for all the questions, I appreciate your help!


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  • I don't mind the questions at all!

    I think one of the reasons I didn't see it in AJ was b/c G had more typical, obvious signs. They both had speech delay but AJ had a few words, G had none. G made some odd hand movements and didn't answer when I called his name, didn't even turn his head. AJ did those things.

    I wonder if I hadn't been comparing them side by side if I would have noticed AJ's problems. I also wonder if his problems would be more apparent if G wasn't more severe. It is now becoming more apparent as my kids get older, and seeing them with kids the same age, that they both have autism. They were 18 and 20 months old at DX time. They are now 26 months. AJ now has a few stims humming and jumping up and down. These aren't unseen in a typical kid, but in my kid they are signs of autism.

    Initially my kids were getting 8 hours a week each of various therapies at home through EI. 2 hours of this is taught by a BCBA. We added 10 hours a week each of private ABA therapy at a center. The center has a preschool attached, so my kids have snack and circle time with typical kids as well as 1:1 language based aba therapy.


    I am so happy to answer any questions you might have. You cna email me at [email protected] if you have any others. :)



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  • Thank you so much responding. I will keep your email and be in touch if I have any other questions. 

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