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Biggest "Head desk" ever

My best friend is due to give birth any day now. She was telling me this story earlier of what happened while she went to a doctor app. this afternoon.

She was waiting in the waitingroom when a teenaged girl comes out of the doctor's offices crying. She had a group of her friend waiting also in the waiting room, and when they seen her coming out of the office crying, they all started crying too. She told her friends that she is pregnant, and they all cried some more. Then one of the friends asks her "Do you think it is too late for the morning after pill?" She says "Umm, I don't know." The friend then suggested that she goes back and asks the doctor. I don't know if she actually did go back and ask the doctor, but yeah, I think that deserves the biggest :::head desk::: ever

I think a little bit more education on their bodies would do wonders.

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Re: Biggest "Head desk" ever

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