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just booked kiddo's bday party- nervous!

I booked it at the YMCA because I had a baby last week and don't know that I'll be up to hoards of kids and parents at my house in 3 weeks, but I'm still a little terrified about hosting a party!  I've never done it before, and am not really a party kind of person.  Let me know if I'm missing anything I need to consider.

-goodie bags

-snacks (thinking water, juice, veggies, pretzels, cheese cubes- what else?)


-minimal decorations (balloons, plates, napkins, cups, maybe a sign and tablecloths)

Eek!  What else? 

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Re: just booked kiddo's bday party- nervous!

  • Congrats on the baby 1st off.  A few questions - party is at the Y but what are they doing?  Is it just a free for all or is there some sort of organized activity.  As far as food, skip the snacks and have water/juice and a cake and call it a day.   Make the goody bags something nice and easy - for my DD"s 4th party we found these really cute BPA plastic cups (Princess and Spider Man) at Target in the dollar section and also got these mini Slinkies from the dollar section and they were a hit.  My kids have come home with books, a kite and chalk.  All very easy and you can get them for a few dollars per kid max.  Skip doing the bags with a bunch of cheap plastic toys and candy.  Decorations - balloons and a fun table cloth and whatever plates, cups, etc are all you really need - the kids will honestly not notice if they are busy doing the activities.  You can keep it really easy and still have a great time.  If you plan to open gifts at the party, make sure to bring a piece of paper and a pen to write out the gifts and who they are from as your child opens them.  If you have a lot of kids coming and the parents are not staying, you might want to consider hireing a neighbor kid to come help out during the party (I have some awesome middle school age kids near me that love playing withe kids and would love to come play at a party - keep the kids busy and make a small amount of money for a few hours of work).
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  • It's 45 min in their kids gym and 45 min in the party room. Thanks for the tips!
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  • What time is the party? Do you need to order pizzas or some sandwich trays?
  • 1:45

    With 45 min in the party room do I need an activity?  Kids will be roughly age 3-6 with a pretty good mix in between.  

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  • AZ123AZ123 member

    I think you need food besides just cake if it is going to be a couple of hours.

    Don't forget candles and a lighter for the bday boy's cupcake!

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