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No trick or

But, the cat is sitting in the window and he makes a great decoration! I just wish all this candy wasn't left I'll have to eat it!

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  • I'm in the same boat- not a single kid showed up.

    It's dangerous for me to have this much candy in the house :)

  • I only got 3 this year- last year I got so many more!!!

    There is a dentist office near my house that will give your organization (my elementary school) money for donated candy.  So that's where ALL my candy will be going.  I want none in the house!  

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  • I havent had any yet either! Its only 630 here so Im still hopeful
  • We had too many trick or treaters.. went through 7 bags of candy. Then again, only 3 kids were from our actual neighborhood. They bus them in here!

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  • we didn't get any trick or treaters either. we live on a busy road though, so i wasn't really expecting any. and i certainly don't mind eating the candy myself!
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