Pregnant after a Loss


Geez, it took you long enough to nest tonight.  I totally thought you were at the hospital by now.

And hi, May!  Because I know you are peeking in :-)

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    Sorry!  My grandma is in town for the weekend so we had to go spend time with her.  It was painfully obvious that she doesn't know me at all and very uncomfortable.

    But, I did get to play with my niece all day long.  She thinks I'm the funniest person on earth and I love it.  I hope she never outgrows that because it makes me happy.

     How are you feeling?  When's your next appointment?

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    I'm sorry about your grandma. My grandmom had dimensia and she could never figure out who I was because she always thought she was somewhere else at a different time so in her mind I should have been a little kid. It was really hard.

    But yay for a good day with your niece!  My nieces still think I am pretty cool - even though the older one is almost 13.  I'm disproportionately proud of that fact.

    I have horrible heartburn right now, but I had OJ and Chinese food for dinner so I feel like I shouldn't complain.  I've been getting cramps on and off all day and I'm not sure why - I know they aren't contractions so I am really hoping that it means that I am dialating more.  How about you?

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    Chinese food and OJ?  That just doesn't sound like a good combo in any way shape or form!  It makes my stomach hurt.  Here's two random facts about me:  I'm allergic to citrus fruits.  OJ would give me life altering diarhhea and stomach cramps.  I'm also allergic to tree nuts (pretty much everything but peanuts).   Good to know, eh?

    This morning I was really certain that I would be in the hospital by tonight.  I actually had to stop teaching a couple of times because the contractions were that intense.  But, after I slept I felt much better and have only had a couple of contractions since then.

    Kevin and I have plans to do some serious walking tomorrow to try to bring labor on for real.  He is set on this baby being born on Sunday now.  

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    I have a very good friend that hates oranges and can't even stand the way they smell.  She kissed a guy once in college that had just done an oj based shot and she immediately threw up on his shoes.  I still laugh about it.

    When we finally all get together, I will make sure that my house is free of citrus based products and tree nuts.  

    I am going to go walking tomorrow as well.  I think that hearing about girls who are close to my due date getting ready to deliver is making more anxious to meet this little guy! 

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    You can have citrus fruits and tree nuts.  I just won't eat them :)

    I just saw your great pumpkin picture.  You are so cute and that belly just cries out for rubbing.  I do have to say, however, that I am surprised you are still walking upright!  Mack is just sitting out 4 feet in front of you!!

    So, what are we going to do to cheer May up?

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    It's getting harder!  I actually had trouble getting in and out of my car today, which is incredibly embarassing.  He is way out in front, but low right?  Really, really low because he is coming soon?

    I think we need to do a dance for her.  A little kid-n-play perhaps?

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