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We're going to the snow this weekend. It will be my DD's first time in the snow, and I'm so excited for her to experience it. It's supposed to snow over the weekend too! Anyway, I really want to take her sledding. I know my DH can take her sledding, but I want to go with her and I'm wondering if it's a good/bad idea...? Have any of you gone sledding while pregnant? My DD is only 2, so we aren't going down any monster hills.




Re: sledding...WDYT?

  • I would not go sledding.  There is too much potential for injury.
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    I would not go sledding.  There is too much potential for injury.


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  • Actually, I feel the opposite. It's not like you're skiing down a mountain. I would go once or twice down a small hill with a 2 yr old. Just be careful & don't go too fast.

    OR, can you and DD sit on sled while DH pulls it around a flat area?


  • I wouldn't have any problem going sledding with my 21-month-old.  If it's safe enough for her, it's definitely safe enough for a pregnant woman.  Just be careful for ice/slippery spots and take it easy climbing hills.  : )

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  • I wouldn't.  We took our students snow tubing about a month ago and my doctor recommended I not participate (and tubing is probably safer than sledding).
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  • I would go, just be careful and don't overdo it!
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  • My OB advised against it...(I asked last time I was pregnant).  So sad. :-(
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  • Hmm.  I probably wouldn't go.  But I think it depends on the hill, what's at the bottom of the hill, if it's bumpy, and what you are sledding on. 

    Small hill with nothing at the bottom to run into (the sled will come to a gradual stop), I'd say you're fine :)  Riding on nothing you can bounce off of or flip, like a tube.  

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  • I would stick to very very small hills.

    I moved to Wisconsin from Georgia while I was pregnant first time and wanted to play in the snow. I asked my midwife if I could go snow tubing (similar to sledding) and she said no, because if you fall of the sled, there is a chance that your placenta could detach. It just wasn't worth it to me.

    1st winter here I was pregnant. 2nd winter I had a small baby and never got away to enjoy winter fun. 3rd winter: pregnant again. yeesh! One day!

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  • I would totally do it! Especially if you are only going on baby hills with your kid. Of course, I live in Switzerland where women routinely ski through their pregnancies. My OB actually asked me why I wasn't skiing this year, but since I did not do it before, this did not seem like a great time to learn (especially with all the changes in balance that happen). You are pregnant, not made of glass! 
  • I wouldn't even consider it. Not worth it. 
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  • I wouldn't risk it.

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  • Nah, totally not worth it. 
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  • If the hill is appropriate for a 2 year old and there are no other people sledding around you (who could run into you) I would say it's probably just fine. I would just say that the sled needs to go pretty slow and make sure there are no drop offs that you could fall off of. If it were an older child I'd say no, but you're not going far or fast with a 2 year old on your lap.
  • I wouldn't. I pulled a muscle when I took DS sledding last year, and I wasn't even pregnant at that time. To me, it's not worth the risk. What if you flip, and crash onto your tummy? Not fun.
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