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Early Potty training?

I've not been doing any sort of EC and DS is in daycare so I'm not sure how that would work for us. But I was doing some reading and I'm thinking about getting a potty seat and starting to get him comfortable with it with the goal of training him around 18months to 2 years. 

Anyone train early? Thanks!  


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Re: Early Potty training?

  • DD has been using her potty since 2 weeks. We had been doing awesome, she didn't have a poopy diaper for months, but she's gotten sneaky with it lately lol I need to work on cuing so she can tell me when she needs to go.
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  • Kind of working on it. We have her potty and set her on it when I go to the bathroom and when I change her diaper sometimes. I caught her for the first time last night when I put her on her potty before her bath.
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  • We introduced the potty to DS around 18 months.  Had him run around diaper free for the majority of the time.   We ended up backing off because he just wasn't ready and would pee on the floor (we had carpet at the time) the majority of the time, or would ask us to put on a diaper so that he could pee.  We tried again at 23 months (once we moved in to a place with wood floors) and within 3 days he was using the potty every time he needed to go, with the exception of naps and night time. 
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  • We did EC from about 6 weeks on. We used a potty seat (baby bjorn) from about 8 months on. If she is naked she will go on the potty (starting around 14 months) but if she has a diaper or panties on, she goes in them. Basically, she will go in the potty or the diaper, depending on which is available. 

    We just conquered night weaning, and plan to see if we can get her to use the potty exclusively (except nightime) once things calm down. 

    I think it's great to give them an option besides going in their diaper.  

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  • I started making a potty available when DD was nine months old.  We had catches most days, but also lots of diaper changes...Like some others, if she was naked, she used the potty, but if she had panties or a diaper on, she peed in those. 

    A month before DD turned two, I was on vacation and was able to do full time EC with her...She only used a couple diapers during the entire trip.  We finally decided to commit to potty training when she was two years and three months old.  It was a piece of cake.  There were a few accidents, of course, but within a month or so, I forgot her extra outfit most of the time.  Now, I have some play clothes that I just keep stashed in my truck, just in case, but haven't used them in months.

  • I haven't used EC either but I figured it can't hurt to introduce DS to the potty. I keep it on the floor of his room and after everymeal I sit him on it for a little while and read while giving him the signs for potty and encourage peeing with general EC techniques but nothing too structured. If I notice any signs, I put him on and we've had quite a few sucesses. My goal now is to just get him used to it and reinforce the postives when he does potty in the toilet in the hopes it will be easier in the long run.
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  • GHBEAGHBEA member

    I introduced the potty chair at 11ms.  I set her on it when I go and first thing in the morning.  I can usually catch her when she has a BM.  My older DDs were diaper free at 18ms.


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