to those that adopted/finalized in 2011... — The Bump

to those that adopted/finalized in 2011...

Have you all done your income taxes?  Did any of you receive your refunds yet, more importantly your adoption credits? Any issues?


We are still working on our taxes, awaiting LO?s SS#.  I'm looking forward to that credit and hopefully with no hassles... We'll see...


After 7 years of marriage and 5 unsuccessful IVFs, we have been granted the gift of adopting a baby boy, born 4/21/11.

Re: to those that adopted/finalized in 2011...

  • There's a discussion below about this matter... just scroll down.
    And good luck!
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  • I just had mine sent off last week.  My tax person said that it typically can take 4-6 months to get the adoption credit back and that I should just be patient.  Hopefully there will be no hassles.  My tax person said that often times what happens is that the IRS detaches all of the required paperwork that we send in, so then they send you a letter stating they don't have something, eventhough it was sent in and attached to the refund form.  She said this happened to more than 50 % of her clients last year.
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