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Update to why they didn't up my dosage

Thanks for your advice, I did call my nurse and my E2 level rose and are at the right place for CD7, she said I did have 3-4 follies they were just small (6mm).  I guess I am pacing OK, I just didn't know what to expect. I go back Monday. I'm staying at 150 units for now.

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Re: Update to why they didn't up my dosage

  • This was my first cycle of Follistim too and I wasn't sure after my monitoring appointments which measurements were good.  I think it's a good sign that your E2 is rising, I know they look for that as an indicator on how things are going with the medication.  I had my IUI today which was cycle day 12 for me.  I stimmed for 5 days at 150 iu's.  My nurse showed me my follice measurements after my IUI, I had two mature follicles that measured at 15.5mm and 16mm.  She said that these two will definetly be released as eggs.  I wish you the best of luck stimming the rest of your cycle!!!!
  • One more thing I wanted to mention is that she said they grow a few millimeter's a day.  I hope that helps!
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