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Is it necessary to night wean before transition from bedsharing to crib?

Anyone's experience or advice on this would be much appreciated.  TIA!


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Re: Is it necessary to night wean before transition from bedsharing to crib?

  • It isn't, but when I'm tired I'm weak.  Very, very weak!  So our attempt ended in DD in our bed every night when she woke to nurse.  She would start in her crib and come in with us. But she's almost three and does sleep most nights in her own bed!  Mostly when she sleeps with us now it's bc I've been working and miss her!
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  • DS goes to bed every night at 7 in his crib. At some point, we end up in bed together. Sometimes I feed him and put him back in the crib, sometimes I'm tired and just lie down with him instead.

    He's still up every 2 hours. It's kind of nuts.

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  • it's good to know it's not necessary...I have not put DS in his crib at night yet out of my own laziness bc it's so much easier to sleep through feedings.  I am dreading it to be honest, but I want my husband to be able to sleep with me again as he's been banished to the guest room.     
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  • If you don't want to do it, you don't have to. If it's a space issue, pixie has a blog entry about sidecarring the crib to the bed, which is another option.

    I'm ready to sleep without a baby stuck to me, and he seems okay with it, which is why we're moving in that direction. 

  • It's not necessary.  We part time bedshare with DD and when she woke up and wanted to nurse, that's when she would come in our room.  It was just way easier than me trying to not fall asleep in the rocker in her room while she was nursing. 

    And, FWIW, she is nightweaned now, and we still part-time bedshare.  Though, last night she STTN in her own room amazingly enough!

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  • When I first moved DD to her crib she was still feeding 2 times a night.  I would put her to bed in her crib and usually ended up with her back in bed with me during and after the 1st feeding.  I just didn't want to lose more sleep than I had too.  By 1 year she was only nursing 1 time during the night and I would put her back in her crib.

    DH and I finally had some "just us" time once she was in the crib for partial nights.

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