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Ergo carrier: do I really NEED an infant insert?

I loved my Ergo carrier for DS, but I did not purchase until he was a year old, so the insert was never necessary. I would like to use right away with DS #2, and I am wondering if purchasing the nsert is necessary, or if I can just roll up a couple of swaddling blankets to support his head. Thoughts?

Re: Ergo carrier: do I really NEED an infant insert?

  • I didn't use one. I took one of his blankets, folded it to where it was the shape of a cube, and LO sat on that to boost him up. If you look at pics of the insert, part of it is a cube-ish chunk. I hope this made sense, lol.
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  • You don't need one at all.  In fact, whenever we went somewhere where he'd need a blanket to play on anyway, I left the insert at home and brought the blanket, folded up in a similar shape as the insert under his butt to prop him up.  We used a blanket or the insert until he was 5.5 months old.
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