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Boards for mixed/ bi/trilingual families?

Hey! I just signed on here, and am looking for pointers and guidance on raising my children in a home that's mixed - I am Ukrainian and he is Dominican, and we both would love our future LO to learn/understand English, Russian and Spanish... and have lots of  questions and want to hear thoughts from many people.. thanks! 
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Re: Boards for mixed/ bi/trilingual families?

  • I live in a mixed/bilingual household. I am American and hubby is Mexican. We have a 7 and 3 year old. We are living in Mexico. My kids speak both languages with no problem. They are completely fluent. We moved here 1 year ago and the kids did not speak spanish at all at that point. It did not take them long to catch on. In my house hubby speaks to them in Spanish and English and I speak to them in only English. My son is in 2nd grade here and speaks spanish all day long and comes home to me and converts completely to English to talk with me. My daughter can carry on a conversation with me and hubby at the same time in bith languages and not miss a beat. Like in the car she asks her dad Adonde vas poppy? she will then turn to me and ask where are we going mommy? Feel free to message me if you have anymore questions. It will just come natural to them. Don't worry.  Good luck!
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