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I am in between "times."  Growing up I always had "Girl Trouble" last June my husband and i decided to take out my IUD, and let my body regulate before we really started to try for a baby.... This was all great in theory but then 1 month passed with out AF then two months, after 75 days I called my dr. I knew it would take a while but this was crazy. She ran all the blood work and everything is "normal" so I started prometrium and that worked... we tried that for 3 months then she wanted me to try it on my own, and had me chart my bbt for a month. I charted my bbt for 25 days and I never ovulated. So she said we need to just start trying, stop doing my bbt because it was just stressing me out and I wasn't ovulating so who knew when and if it would come, and she kept me on prometrium so maybe I could regulate myself,  and then this summer if we have not had any success then I would go on Clomid because I was not ovulating. That was all great except for this last round. Apparently I have become very sensitive to the prometrium and I had every pregnancy symptom in the book. I was misirable! I thought surely this isn't just from the pills... after two blood tests and I dont know how many regular test they were all BFN. The nurse gave me a couple options of what the next step could be, continue the prometrium every month, just stop doing anything and see if my body reacts, or go back on birth control for 3 months and then straight onto clomid, apparently that makes clomid respond better. I opted for the pills. I hadn't been on pills since I was in high school (after hs I did the shot, nuvaring, IUD) but when i was on pills AF showed up on the 28th day about 7:30ish in the morning... so maybe they can pull me back together. I know this will be well worth it in the end but who knew baby makin' business was sooo hard!

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    This isn't the first time I've seen you only "Thumbs Up" a post on this board...are you just trying to up your post count? If so, that's pretty pathetic.

    OP, welcome to The Bump! I'm sorry you are going through such a frustrating time. I am also in a similar situation. My husband and I have been TTC for almost 21 months. I just had surgery to unblock my tubes. We will continue to try naturally until June and if nothing happens by then, I will be starting Clomid.

    Hang in there, it gets easier! Check out the Trying to Get Pregnant board...we're all in the same boat over there :) Good luck to you!


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