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Carmen Rocks yet again

I thought MellyB would have posted this by now LOL but since she hasn't I'm gonna.

We had a fabulous afternoon yesterday with Carmen and other nesties (or do we call ourselves bumpies now LOL) She posted the pics on her website and she did a fabulous job with all of our little ones. 

Here's the link to her site so you guys can see for yourselves:

 Carmen's Site

Re: Carmen Rocks yet again

  • AWSOME!  Man! You girls have some REALLY stinkin' cute children =]
  • so adorable!!!

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  • YAY! I jsut saw them!! They came out super duper cute! Thanks, Carmen, for taking the pics, and thanks, Sam for posting this! :)
  • the cutest kids i've ever seen! great job :-)
  • HI Sam! Thanks for posting, I didn't know she put photos up ;)


  • All of the pics are adorable!!
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  • I'm so upset I was supposed to go but never go the when and where info. Crying oh well maybe next time. All the babies came out great!!!

  • Carmen rocks everytime! All the pics are super duper cute! I can't wait till I can do it next year!
  • The pictures are great and the kids look simply adorable.  Unfortunately, I have to agree with soontobesavino (Lauren) and say that I am also not a fan of Carmen. 
  • Carmen is Fabulous! I think it was great of her to do this shoot....and for free! She's awesome and I can't say that I know many photographers (or any for that matter) who are willing to do a even a mini-shoot for free for former clients that they have no obligation to whatsoever. Our god-daughter Carlee (the puppy) looked adorable in her pic and so did the rest of the babies!!!

    Sammy, I heard Mikey was like the hapiest baby EVER!!! he looks so cheesy happy in his picture I love it!


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