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Best sling/wrap for breastfeeding a newborn?

Anyone have any advice on how to BF on the move? techniques? best sling/wrap for this? is it even possible?

My DC2 is due this summer and DC1 will be 20 months old. With DC1 I had the luxury of always being able to sit while BFing but I assume there will be times I'll want to be able to BF DC2 while attached in case I would need to get up quickly to mind DC1 (like in the park it would be good to have DC2 attached in case I would need to quickly run after DC1).

Any advice appreciated!

Re: Best sling/wrap for breastfeeding a newborn?

  • I've been successful BFing LO in the Moby. There are several tutorials for how to do it on youtube. It's great for NIP, too.
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  • I couldn't figure out how to nurse in the Moby.  I just got the Ergo and was able to nurse in that no problem...but my DD is older...not sure about a newborn in an Ergo.  I'll bet a ring sling would work well.  Is there a store near you that you could try them out when LO arrives?

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  • It depends on what kind of carrier you like. The good news is that they all can be used for nursing. I adore wrapping and have nursed DS in a wrap since I learned how when he was 5 weeks old. Here is what we do... (yes, it says toddler, but it works at any age)
  • Thanks for the tips and advice, I would have never thought to look on youtube and testing out different ones at the store is also a great tip.
  • Also depending on where you live there may be a babywearing group near you that you could join that would allow you to try out different carriers free and get advice from other mommas on tips and tricks.  Check out they have a section on were to find local babywearing groups

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